Want your music played in over 1200 outlets across Australia?

Australia’s favourite cafe music solution SoundsLikeCafe are offering APRA AMCOS music creators and customers an exclusive 10% discount.

SoundsLikeCafe distributes quality music to cafes and coffee shops throughout Australia on a not-for-sale compilation CD and now offer a digital option!

Digital Playlist Distribution

Over the past year we have gathered a substantial number of cafes that would prefer to receive music digitally rather than via CD.  This effectively reduces our costs of manufacture and distribution and allows us to offer artists and labels very affordable rates to be part of our new Digital Playlist distribution.  $200 to go out to over 200 cafes.

SoundsLikeCafe Compilation CD

The majority of cafes on our database still prefer to receive SLC on CD (approx 1,000).  Many of these cafes have been with us for a long period of time (32 Volumes) and the SLC discs have established a loyal and supportive client base.  We intend to continue this service and will include distribution to the 200 digital cafés as a bonus for $500 (40c per café).

Other services SoundsLikeCafe provides:

Expresso Service: either physical or digital distribution of postcards, posters, singles and albums to cafes. We can tailor the service to go out on a specific date and to a select number of points to match with a tour or specific area campaign. Rates start from only $2/cafe.

Benefits of being on SoundsLikeCafe:

  • Guaranteed airplay in loyal cafes that love and play the music, send us feedback and talk it up to customers
  • Potential fans hearing your music in a more relaxed environment,
  • Studies show people have much longer attention spans when in a relaxed cafe environment
  • Our recent survey shows a listening audience of over 800 000 people per week
  • We compile a monthly chart from the cafe feedback, see www.soundslikecafe.com/chart
  • We send a press release for each new playlist.  All links, images and mini bios are featured on soundslikecafe.com and our social networking profiles

More here: http://www.soundslikecafe.com/

Contact: elia@soundslikecafe.com

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