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The first issue of Rolling Stone Australia published by The Brag Media is out now and it’s bigger and better than ever! Divert your eyes from the screen, put down your phone and lock into the joy of long-form journalism with more music, more politics and more culture. 

Simply use the discount code APRA20 when locking in your annual subscription to Rolling Stone Australia magazine to receive 20% off. $5 of your purchase price will go towards ensuring Support Act can continue its important work for musicians and industry professionals in need. 

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Living with a Creative Mind

Living With A Creative Mind is not just another book about how to be more creative, it is a book about how to survive the experience: it as an operating guide to being creative, and living and working with creative people.

Drawn from the latest research, and the thoughts of successful songwriters and artists from around the world on how they live with their gift - combined with personal experience, including a 16 year tenure as a music educator: Living With A Creative Mind is a bold new way of understanding songwriters, and creative people of all disciplines - and what it is they are trying to do all their lives.

The authors:

Jeff Crabtree is a songwriter/performer with APRA. His current project is the composition and production of the score for an LA based feature film.

Julie Crabtree is a psychologist in private practice in Sydney. Julie’s current project is a PhD in creativity and mental health.

APRA AMCOS members receive a 20% discount when they purchase the book (physical or e-publication) via

Quote the code 20APRA20 when you navigate to their e-shop.

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Rhythms Magazine

Over 23 years, Rhythms Magazine has established a reputation as the bible of roots music in Australia. A refuge for anything blues, folk, Americana, soul, country, jazz and world music, Rhythms is totally unique, and cherished by its readers for its authority, credibility and diversity.

Recently acquired by your fellow APRA AMCOS member, singer/songwriter Catherine Britt, this bi-monthly magazine is now available in a digital version for all platforms.

To celebrate, Rhythms is offering all APRA AMCOS members and customers Prigital (print and digital) subscriptions for the price of print alone - $65.

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Or email your details to: and the Rhythms team will contact you.

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450 pages of over 1,000 bands and artists shot over 30 years .

APRA AMCOS members and clients; $100 including postage for a mammoth limited edition hand signed and numbered book.

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The Songwriting Labyrinth – Songwriters and Composers Publication

"I’ve been a songwriter, session musician and composer for over 40 years - tasting my first songwriting chart success at age 19 - and I’ve been writing rock, funk, jazz, swing, and soul songs ever since. An APRA member since 1976, with over 300 registered works, I’ve  written and produced music for 15 albums, 9 feature films, and 13 television series; had my music broadcast in over 80 countries worldwide, and for a time, was one of Australia’s highest royalty-earning composers. A member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers since 1988, I also spent 8 years on the AGSC executive and 5 Years as President. For the past 6 years I’ve been ‘passing it forward’; lecturing BMus students in songwriting and performance - currently at Macquarie University." - Author Clive Harrison

This book is not a quest for a magic formula for writing a hit song, for that would be nonsensical – it’s the result of PhD research into Songwriting Creativity conducted through the University of Newcastle, filtered through knowledge built up over a long and successful career, and written in the hope that songwriting students and educators can apply it to their song development.

Cost:  $39.95 (20% discount from $49.95 for APRA AMCOS music creators and customers)


The Open Tuning Chord Book for Guitar

“What a super book, this is such fun. I could use this for the next album.” - David Bowie 2002

First published in 1994 and now in it’s third edition The Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar by Brendan Gallagher gives guitarists working in standard tuning a basic introduction into open tune playing. Though commonly used for slide playing open tunings have become increasingly popular for their unusual and rich voicings. The book contains chord shapes for over 300 chords in the two most popular tunings – Vastopol (or Open D) and Spanish (or Open G) – with a page per key. For example, turn to page 17 and there are twelve chords in Open D tuning in the key of G – major, minor, 6th, dom 7th, diminished, augmented, minor 6th, major 7th, minor 7th, 7th sus 4, 7th flat 9 and 11th.

The book includes a short history of the origin of open tuning, tips on tuning and string set up, a glossary of favourite chords and recommended listening plus music scores for four popular songs using open tuning chord shapes. It’s 30 cm x 10cm (12 inches x 4 inches) size makes it a snug fit in the neck of a standard guitar case.

Over the years The Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar has found it's way into the guitar cases of musicians like David Bowie, Peter Buck (REM), Lee Ritenour, Arlo Guthrie, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Daniel Johns (Silverchair), Paul Kelly, Paul Weller, PJ Harvey, Chris Cheney (Living End), Murray ‘Red Wiggle’ Cook, Lloyd Cole, Tim Rogers… and everyday guitarists from Ireland to Lithuania.

Purchase a copy for $15.99 and it ships FREE anywhere in Australia & New Zealand. Click here for this benefit.

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Music Business

The bible of the music industry is back! 'Music Business' by Shane Simpson and Jules Munro has just been published in it’s 4th edition. Completely updated for the 21st century, this is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to forge or further their career in the music industry. 

Now at $39.99 RRP, APRA AMCOS music creators and customers worldwide will pay only $20, plus $7 postage and handling. Members can also receive a 50% discount on other industry titles Music Event Management, Music Entertainment Marketing, Copyright and Music Publishing and Artist and Band Management.  

To order securely online, visit and quote the Promo Code ‘apra’ or call Woodslane on (02) 8445 2300. 

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The Australian Copyright Council’s Music and Copyright guide

The Australian Copyright Council’s Music and Copyright guide just got a whole lot more accessible, with the release of a new e-publication. 

The guide is an essential tool for anyone composing, songwriting, performing, recording or publishing music.  It’s all you need to know to make copyright work for you!

APRA AMCOS music creators and customers receive at 30% discount when they use the code APRAcopyM&C.

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