2018 Art Music Fund recipients

Art Music Fund Recipients Connor D'Netto and Rae Howell

2018 Art Music Fund recipients:



Funded project

Anthony Pateras


The composition of a new 50-minute electro-acoustic work entitled Stateless, to be performed throughout 2018/19 in Tarcento, Melbourne, Chicago, Bologna, Zürich, Brussels, Forli, Poitiers, Metz, Geneva and Ljubljana.

Bree van Reyk


The commission of a new work for orchestra as a homage to Peg Mantle, one of Australia’s pioneering women musicians. Premiere performance by the Canberra Youth Orchestra at the Canberra International Music Festival in May 2019, with subsequent performances from the Sydney Youth Orchestra and West Australian Youth Orchestra in Gilgandra, Sydney and Perth throughout 2019.

Connor D'Netto


Commissioning Connor’s third string quartet to be premiered by the Goldner String Quartet in 2019, and to receive its European and American premieres by Modulus Quartet (UK) and the Mivos Quartet (USA),  in late 2019 and 2020, to be followed by a studio recording.

Elissa Goodrich


Listen.Now.Again is a new large-scale music installation/live-art performance work, in partnership with St Martin’s Youth Performing Arts Centre. The work takes its inspiration from evolutionary biology and explores climate and science, and features a large live ensemble of professional musicians, operating in collaboration with children-performer-participants.

Fiona Hill and  Tristan Coelho



The project Other Voices comprises two new electroacoustic works for flute and voice. Performances confirmed for Ensemble Offsping, Tilde~, Backstage Music and Monash University, and in the US and UK.  The works will be enhanced through an innovative Creative Kit, disseminated amongst the teaching community and the tertiary and secondary education sector.

Julian Day


Games People Play is a set of pieces built on game theory in which performers enact vibrant forms of structural interdependence. The works will individually premiere in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney and Melbourne, with various soloists and ensembles, and will be recorded as video works for exhibition in galleries and online.

Matt Keegan


The composition of a new work for The Three Seas, a band that combines Australian jazz musicians with folk musicians from West Bengal, India, to be premiered in Australia and India. The work will be recorded in 2018 and released in 2019. 

Rae Howell


Bee-Sharp Honeybee is a music-science creation project, developed from recent research of bee buzz frequencies, working in collaboration on a global scale with a bee research lab, beekeepers, scientists, musicians and producers. It culminate in a 1 hour real-time audio/visual work for live chamber orchestra, electronics, a live stream of bees, and animated visuals developed from the hand-illustrated graphic scores.

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