To be successful, applicants must demonstrate how your project or organisation will benefit Australian songwriters and composers. Our aim is to provide a funding contribution to projects that will help our members to:

  • Develop songwriting or composition skills
  • Receive public recognition for their songwriting and composing talent (e.g. awards or other forms of acclaim)
  • Collaborate and co-write new songs or compositions
  • Showcase their talent to a wider audience
  • Further develop their music career by learning about the music industry

Remember that we are looking to support Australian songwriters and compositions rather than recordings or recording artists, touring costs or creative development projects that primarily benefit individual members.


  • Projects or organisations that broadly benefit Australian songwriters and composers rather than an individual writer or a small number of writers
  • Applicants who can demonstrate a proven ability to plan and execute projects, or establish and maintain organisations that benefit Australian music
  • Organisations or projects which are non-profit in nature (although commercial projects are not excluded from eligibility)
  • Applications that demonstrate sponsorship or other financial contributions from third parties to the project or organisation. APRA Music Grants are not intended to fund your entire project
  • Applications that provide required budget information and support material.

You are not eligible to apply if you have failed to acquit or meet the requirements of a grant received in a previous round. 

Applications will be reviewed and determined by the Board Awards and Music Grants Committee and approved by the APRA Board.

Read the full Terms & Conditions and Guide for Applicants for additional information.

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