Here's how APRA AMCOS keeps Australian music turning.

Download the Story of a Song as a pdf.

1. Moment of Inspiration

The spark of an idea becomes an original piece of music.

2. Writing the song

The moment an original song is written and recorded, it's automatically copyrighted in Australia.

3. Songwriters join APRA AMCOS

To become a member, songwriters register original songs online and join for free.

4. Businesses get licensed

Organisations purchase a licence from APRA AMCOS or OneMusic, so their staff, customers and business reap the benefits of listening to music.

5. Press play

Once music is played or purchased, songwriters earn royalties. Songs can be performed live, downloaded, streamed or broadcast on radio or television.

6. Credit where it's due

APRA AMCOS keeps track of music so songwriters are paid fairly.

7. Payday

Royalties are paid to songwriters giving them the financial support to be inspired all over again. 

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