Disputes Procedure

How to lodge a dispute

If you have a dispute you can:

  • send details about it directly to us at licencedispute@apra.com.au or 16 Mountain Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007; or
  • you can lodge it directly with our independent third party Alternative Dispute Resolution facilitator, Resolution Pathways.

If you lodge a dispute with us please include:

  • your name and contact details, and/or the name and contact details of your organisation;
  • the nature of the dispute, for example does it relate to which licence scheme should apply to your business or does it relate to how licence fees have been calculated;
  • the reason for the dispute;
  • the outcome you hope to achieve;
  • any material that supports the details you have provided.

Dealing with disputes

  • We will acknowledge receipt of a dispute within 2 business days;
  • If the dispute involves another person, we will forward the dispute and any supporting material to that person for comment;
  • We will respond to the dispute within 14 days of acknowledging receipt. However, if the dispute involves another person, we will respond as soon as practicable after receiving that person’s comments on the dispute.
  • We will maintain a register of all disputes received and the response we have made, and the Complaints & Disputes Officer will have a copy of that register;
  • All responses will provide you with the opportunity to take the matter further;
  • You will have a further 21 days to make any comments on or respond to our response;
  • If you are not satisfied with the explanation that has been provided, you will have a further 14 days to request that the matter be referred to APRA AMCOS' independent alternative dispute resolution facility, ‘Resolution Pathways’.

Lodging directly with Resolution Pathways

The initial consultation with Resolution Pathways is free of charge and often disputes can be resolved on the spot. Resolution Pathways’ service includes Mediation, Expert View (non-binding) and Expert Decision (binding). You can find more about this process and how to lodge a dispute at www.resolutionpathways.com.au.

The resolution pathways are designed to assist parties to resolve disputes or to ensure an independent determination of issues where appropriate. The pathways are available for disputes involving music creators and/or music customers.

The resolution pathways service provides:

  • An independent, trained resolution facilitator to match the pathway and the problem;
  • A pool of skilled, trained resolvers.

For more information, visit the resolution pathways website. Alternatively you can contact the independent Resolution Facilitator, Shirli Kirschner, directly: office@resolutionpathways.com.au or 0411 380 380.

Assistance in formulating a complaint or dispute

If you require some assistance in either formulating your complaint or identifying who the complaint should be addressed to, please email or write to the Complaints & Disputes Officer at APRA AMCOS, or call 02 9935 7900.

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