Judges Conflict of Interest Policy 

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the obligations of Judges who are involved in a Selection Process to ensure the avoidance of any Conflict of Interest

2. Definitions

In this policy:

Conflict of Interest means any actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest between the Judge’s duty to objectively adjudicate or otherwise participate in a Selection Process and the Judge’s Personal Interests or Financial Interests;

Financial Interest means any interest that could directly or indirectly result in the Judge or a person in whom the Judge has a Personal Interest receiving a financial gain or bearing a financial loss;

Judge means any person judging or otherwise in a position to influence the decision-making in a Selection Process;

Personal Interest includes a personal relationship with a spouse, de facto partner, relative, business associate or financial dependant; and

Selection Process means any competition, promotion or other selection process conducted by, on behalf of or in connection with APRA AMCOS involving the assessment on merits of entrants or entrants’ work (but, for the avoidance of doubt, does not include a selection process for employment by, or a contract of services, with APRA AMCOS).

3. Obligations

3.1 A Judge must inform APRA AMCOS of a Conflict of Interest as soon as the Judge becomes aware of it, even if the Judge considers the Conflict of Interest to be remote, contingent or apparently insubstantial.

3.2 APRA AMCOS will promptly determine the materiality of any Conflict of Interest disclosed by a Judge, taking into account whether the disclosed interest has the capacity to influence the decision-making or conduct of the Judge or may be perceived to do so.

3.3 APRA AMCOS will determine in its absolute discretion whether the Judge should participate or continue to participate in the Selection Process or any part of it and, if so, whether any conditions should be imposed on the Judge’s continuing participation.

3.4 Without otherwise limiting APRA AMCOS’s rights, APRA AMCOS may terminate a Judge’s involvement in a Selection Process if the Judge fails to declare a Conflict of Interest of which the Judge is or should have been aware.

4. Privacy 

APRA AMCOS’s privacy policy applies to any personal information collected under this policy.

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