Publisher Relations and Repertoire Q & A

From familiar faces to new starters, get to know the PRR team a bit better through their own words and quick Q & As. 

11 February

Georgia Kennedy, Writer Works Registration Officer

What were you doing before prior to your role in the Publisher Relations & Repertoire Team?
I was a Licensing Representative for OneMusic Australia which involved educating business owners about the benefits of using music in their businesses as well as raising awareness around their legal obligations of using music commercially.

Describe a typical day and duties as a Writer Works Registration Officer:
Our role has two main functions – processing all of the work registrations that come through the writer portal, as well as answering queries from our Writer/Publisher members surrounding their works. It could be as easy as amending the title of a work, to more complicated elements like guiding a writer on how to register Remixes, or how to handle disputed claims on their works. There’s a lot of liaising with our Writer Services team, Publisher Reps, Resolutions team and Research team.

What are you looking forward to with your new role?
Being in direct contact with our Writer/Publisher members is the most exciting thing. Assisting them with their work registrations to ensure they’re paid correctly is very motivating and a wonderful reason to go to work every day.

What are you currently listening to? (try to include an Australian/NZ artist)
Benee, North East Party House, Tame Impala and Jack Garrett have all been on high rotation!


Last gig you’ve been to or next one in the diary?
I saw Fat Boy Slim in Melbourne the other weekend, which was pretty amazing.

What is your top tip, tool, or insight that you can share with publisher members?
If you get stumped about registering your work, or have a query about something to do with a work you’ve already registered, just send us an email with as much information as possible and we’ll help you through it. We’re here to help! 


11 December

Dave Matthews, Business Insights & Royalty Analyst

Many publisher members already know Dave Matthews, who was part of the Registration Works team before moving into a parental leave cover role as Publisher Representative.

Now he steps into the newly created role of Business Insights & Royalty Analyst.

Dave will specialise in providing publisher members with royalty tracking analysis and data insights for their APRA AMCOS royalties. 

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to start in the new position of Business Insights and Royalty Analyst in the Publisher Reps team. I'm excited for the challenge of improving the availability and accessibility of our data so that we can more readily deliver insights to Publisher members and assist with their business.

"My first priority is to minimise turnaround times for royalty-tracking queries. I am working with other teams within APRA (such as Distribution and Operations) to learn from their expertise and improve processes involved in query resolution."

11 November

This round we have, pictured left to right: Daniel Threadgold, Laurel Smith and Michael Vatner.

Laurel Smith, Senior Manager, Repertoire

Describe your role: 
I manage the Repertoire teams within Publisher Relations & Repertoire, and collectively we aim to support APRA AMCOS members by maintaining repertoire data. This is an important part of the process in ensuring accurate royalty payments for our publisher and writer members, and also members of affiliated societies.

I coordinate APRA AMCOS’ involvement in CIS-Net documentation integrity assessments and aligning with CISAC best practice guidelines. I have a membership background, and before moving into the world of copyright and publishing, I managed the Sydney-based Writer Services team for several years. I also spent 12 months at SOCAN in Canada, licensing community radio stations and background music suppliers.

What is an exciting challenge (or two) about your role and/or the team’s work?
My role is relatively new within the department, so I’m looking forward to the challenge of delivering efficiencies in our processing. The Repertoire team’s work is often unheralded but they all do an amazing job in analysing, interpreting and managing high volumes of data. The quantity of works requiring ownership research is only ever increasing, so this will be an ongoing focus for us. See below!

Currently listening to…
I’m very much enjoying the latest Springsteen album, Western Stars. It’s very evocative and orchestral. I have two little boys who love to nap in the car so I listen to a lot of lullabies while driving. I can recommend lullaby Adele and lullaby Coldplay (which sounds amusingly similar to actual Coldplay!). The latest Dan Sultan album, Nali & Friends, is also great.


A memorable gig?
This won’t come as a surprise for anyone who knows me…Springsteen of course. Two gigs in fact. Bruce played two shows in Adelaide in 2014 on the High Hopes tour and they were just mind-blowing. It was baking hot summer weather so he busted out covers of 'Summertime Blues' and '(Love Is Like A) Heatwave,' and an excellent 'Highway to Hell.' Everything about these shows was exhilarating and exhausting. He played 59 songs over the two nights but only nine were played each night. I don’t think there’s anyone else who plays 100% live and changes up the set list like this from night to night

Piece of advice or a helpful tip for publisher members?
This might be more of a request rather than advice, but we really appreciate any and all information you have about your catalogues. Every identifier, any snippet of information or little detail can be useful for us in identifying works and completing ownership details. Please keep the team informed so we can best assist you in maximising your royalty payments.

BONUS Q: How much data is the Repertoire team dealing with on a regular basis? 
Lots! Since distribution P1807, the average number of works manually researched and processed by Repertoire has increased by over 50%. Each Repertoire team member completes or updates ownership for thousands of works in every quarterly distribution.

Daniel Threadgold, Manager, Publisher Engagement

Describe your role: 
After spending the last five years on the CLEF project, I have recently started my new role of Publisher Engagement Manager in the PRR team. My main focus is on Publisher Initiatives and proactively initiating events and programs and managing the ongoing, expanding and strengthening departmental relationship with our publisher members.

Currently listening to…
King Gizzard, Tool, Tame Impala, QOTSA, Huey Lewis & The News...

Last gig: Gordon Koang / Next gig: Regurgitator / Memorable gig: Childish Gambino @ Splendour 2019

Piece of advice or a helpful tip for publisher members? 
I'm here to take any questions, suggestions, and/or compliments you might have that relate to APRA AMCOS (and any gigs worth seeing!).

Bonus Q: What’s a hot topic with publisher members right now?

Our IT team has a few things they're working on for incoming (registrations, usage files, etc.) and outgoing (reports, statements, etc.). Really looking forward with sharing more soon...

Michael Vatner, Resolutions Officer

Describe your role: 
I help manage the resolutions inbox and process member registrations and Common Works Registration (CWR) files. I also correspond with publishers to help resolve longstanding disputes on high earning works and catalogues.

What is an exciting challenge (or two) about your role?
An exciting challenge for me is to be proactive in the maintenance of our huge repertoire and help to maximise payments to our members.

Currently listening to…
Battles – Juice B Crypts


Next gig?
Flying Lotus 3D

BONUS Q: What is an aspect of your role that you find incredibly interesting?
Getting a glimpse into the intricacies that go into music publishing agreements and contracts.

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