Repertoire tips: did you know?

PRR aims to deliver world-class repertoire data for APRA AMCOS members. To do so we need to maintain accurate details for your works and agreement registrations.

What are a couple of things you can do to keep the data correct? We'll be adding to this bank of tips regularly and will include in Publisher Update and the Facebook Group.

TIP: Advising us of retained works

When terminating an agreement where some or all of the works are retained beyond the termination date, please be sure to advise us of the works that have been retained and the retention dates for each work (if this differs from work to work).

You can either enter the works directly into the agreement or supply a list of the retained works direct to your friendly Publisher Rep. Supplying all retention details at the time of the termination will speed up the process for us to authorise the agreement and complete the catalogue transfer for any works no longer covered.

TIP: Supplying IP Name Numbers

IP Name Numbers uniquely identify each name for society member right holders, and are issued for both a right holder's legal name (patronym) and other name types such as a stage name (pseudonym) or business name (other reference).

It is mandatory to supply IP Name Numbers for controlled writers when registering works in bulk via CWR, and also for controlled local APRA AMCOS writers. Wherever possible, please also include IP name numbers for any controlled foreign writers and non-controlled writers in either CWR or manual work registrations. This reduces the manual research required to identify all the right holders and increases our system's ability to automatically complete work ownership details.

TIP: Please register all your agreements, and we mean ALL

We can never have too much agreement information! Supporting agreement data is crucial for us when processing registrations for the works covered by those agreements.

Agreement data helps us:

  • in resolving local writer disputes more efficiently
  • to accurately process incoming foreign distributions -- so we can query you or your writers about possible underpayments

Remember, agreements ideally need to be registered before or at the same time as the accompanying works, and should indicate your interest in the works across all right types: performing, mechanical, print, sync, and cover.

TIP: US designation

When registering local writer agreements in CMS, please be sure to indicate the relevant US collecting society or the applicable US sub-publisher in the USA Representation field. The US designation data is valuable for us when processing foreign distributions from the various US societies, and for querying US societies on your behalf about royalty collections.

TIP: Performer information is gold for us, so please provide Performer Names

This information nugget is used by the system for a few reasons:

  • Auto-matches from usage files
  • Greatly assists Repertoire staff to manually match work registrations with any existing unregistered works
  • Especially helpful for works with a common or generic title, and/or where the writers have a common name such as Smith

For specific works agreements, we need the relevant works too
When registering a specific works agreement, please include the list of relevant works subject to the agreement. This is essential information for us in order to authorise the agreement and update the work ownership details.

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