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We collect royalties from more than 80,000 sources. These businesses pay us licence fees that, in turn, become your royalties. We work with thousands of licensees to get the money that’s due, so you can concentrate on supporting your artists in creative ways.
Who do we license?  

Record labels - independent and multinational  

  • When multinational and independent record labels reproduce original songs/ compositions to sell them on CDs, DVDs or online etc, they pay us a licence fee.
  • For audio titles, licence fees are 8.7% of the published price to dealer (PPD) and 6.5% for audiovisual titles.

Digital service providers such as iTunes and Spotify  

  • APRA AMCOS collects a percentage of the retail price for download / subscription music services.   

Television networks 

  • APRA licenses TV music themes, advertisements and music that is commissioned by television stations.
  • AMCOS licenses the music that already exists in commercial, pay and public television.
  • NB: AMCOS will not administer the licensing of music into advertisements, unless you specifically ask us to.

Radio stations  

  • We collect licence fees from commercial radio, community radio, ABC and SBS, as well as digital radio such as triple j Unearthed and Pop Asia.

Business-to-Business service providers that use music, for example: 

  • Background music suppliers
  • Aerobics/fitness classes
  • In-flight entertainment on airlines
  • Dance studios 
  • Hospitality industry 
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Concert promoters

Production Music  

  • If you are a production music publisher, you’ve come to the right place. AMCOS can arrange direct deals with production houses. We can also license broadcasters of production music through blanket arrangements. For more info, see our Production Music Rate Card.


  • We license music played in cinemas.  The royalties generated here depend on each film’s box office takings and how much music is played.
  • NB: AMCOS will not administer the synchronisation rights to incorporate music into the soundtrack of a cinema film unless you specifically ask us to. 

Schools and tertiary institutions 

  • Our licensing schemes cover music used in education. For example, photocopying sheet music for use in school classrooms, music on intranet, school productions etc.


  • We also license smaller websites that use music on webcasters and music portals.
  • Subject to Board approval, we occasionally license independent producers for TV programs such as The Voice or X-Factor.
  • Unless you specifically ask us to, AMCOS will not administer the licensing of musical works into sound recordings or other reproductions that are sold other than for money (e.g. CDs that come free with a magazine).

Once you become an APRA AMCOS publisher member, each time we pay you royalties, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of where they’ve come from.

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