Strategic Initiatives Update

April 2020

We continue working to deliver deeper insights into publisher members' earnings through Business Intelligence.

Release 1.0 will give you access to your Australian, New Zealand and international APRA Distribution data in a dynamic new way.

The dashboard will contain features such as:

- Earnings: Year In Review
- Recent and Historic Distribution Statements
- Distribution Schedule information
- An overview of how works performed in each distribution – with advancements in reporting for usage categories and sources
- A breakdown of distribution data by Original and Sub-Publishing activities

March 2020

We’re on track with our build of enhanced CRD (Common Royalty Distribution) functionality for Publishers. We're excited to have gone live with the first iteration of CRD files for Distribution for Domestic earnings that were recently paid.
Key enhancements include:

  • Clearer updated descriptions of exploitation sources
  • Inclusion of ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes) to distinguish individual recordings of works for digital usage
  • Inclusion of Publisher Submitter Work Identifiers in the CRD files for works registered from January 2020 

December 2019

In October, we outlined the key business improvement projects to deliver in the current financial year, with progress to report on two areas:

ISWC changes required by CISAC: to be delivered by end of year

Unique, permanent ISWCs (International Standard Musical Work Code) are currently assigned through the CSI (Common Search Index) function within CIS-Net or by authorised local and regional agencies.

As an authorised regional agency, we have been allocating ISWCs for APRA AMCOS repertoire using a range of pre-allocated codes.

To ensure we remain an official CISAC ISWC Registration Agency, we have undertaken to transition to the CIS-Net central assignment of ISWCs for APRA AMCOS repertoire. This ISWC project is on track to be delivered by the end of the year as planned.

We have also made some technical changes to our interface with CIS-Net to improve efficiency, allowing us to do daily updates. 

Importantly for APRA AMCOS members: there are no changes to the format of ISWCs previously allocated to your works.

CRD Reporting enhancements are underway

We’re on track with our build of enhanced CRD (Common Royalty Distribution) functionality, with a group of publishers set to receive test files in mid- December to run with their systems and then provide feedback.

In the first quarter 2020, we’ll see the first iteration rolled out live with a full domestic CRD file made available to publishers.

Key enhancements include:

  • clearer updated descriptions of exploitation sources
  • inclusion of ISRCs (International Standardised Recording Codes) to distinguish individual recordings of works for digital usage
Stay tuned for further updates and how your business will be involved in the new year.

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