Are you thinking about manufacturing physical product overseas? Contact AMCOS before you start.

Did you know that if you are an AMCOS member and planning to have physical formats (CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassette, et al) of your upcoming release manufactured in a country other than Australia or New Zealand, you may be required to pay mechanical royalties before finished goods can be released to you?

Depending on the territory of manufacture, you may be responsible for mechanical royalties, a cost which can seriously impact your budget and release plans.

AMCOS can help.

Contact us as early as possible in the production planning process to discuss your options. For works that are 100% controlled by AMCOS (defined as works that are unpublished or have no sub-publisher in the territory of manufacture), you may not need to pay a licence fee in the territory of manufacture. Unsure about those details? Contact us.

How early in the process? 

When you start to even consider overseas product manufacture – whether it is heavyweight multi-coloured vinyl made in the Czech Republic or a batch of CDs being produced in China – don't wait to confirm a manufacturer or to get that first invoice. In some instances, it may be too late in the ordering process for AMCOS to assist.

Case Study 1

A self-releasing independent band put a vinyl pressing into production with a UK manufacturer. When the band was advised that their finished goods were available for despatch, they were told goods couldn't be released until a rather substantial mechanical licence royalty was paid.

TAKEAWAY: Call AMCOS prior to approaching the manufacturer to find out if we can request a waiver from the respective territory’s society.

Case Study 2

An AMCOS member was planning a vinyl release manufactured in Germany in conjunction with a German label partner. The member, who controlled 100% of the works, got in touch with AMCOS before production began and AMCOS worked with the German society directly to waive the licence fee.

TAKEAWAY: Always call AMCOS prior to approaching the manufacturer to find out if we can work with the local society on your behalf.

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