How and when to register your works

Before registering your works, you must first establish the type of work that you have created and understand how the copyright ownership details should be outlined. Then, you can logon to our Writer Portal and submit a registration.

If you have signed a general catalogue (GC) agreement with a recognised music publisher then you do not need to register your works online as your publisher should do so on your behalf. Please contact your publisher for more information or follow this link: What does a publisher do?

New Original Work

This is an entirely new piece of music that has not already been registered with APRA AMCOS. It must not previously exist in any other format and should not be a copy in way of another work. A remix, arrangement or cover song is not considered to be an entirely new piece of music as it uses material composed by someone else.

In order to register a new original work, you must have composed all elements of the work including music, lyrics and/or samples. If you did not compose all of the work, then you may need to gain permission from other copyright holders before submitting a registration. If part of your work is in the public domain (eg. lyrics) you will need to contact for assistance with your registration. If the work is a cover song you will not be able to register it with us but you can include it on your performance report.


Remixes are sound recordings that have been altered, edited or otherwise reworked to sound different from the original song. They typically feature some parts or ‘samples’ of the original recording (even if these samples are altered in any way) together with new material composed by the remixer.

In order to register a remix you will always need to obtain the written permission from the copyright owners of the pre-existing work. The original owners may be songwriters, music publishers or both. Often copyright owners will grant permission for you to create and release a remix of their work but this does not necessarily entitle you to register the remix with APRA AMCOS and claim a share of royalties. If permission is granted for you to claim a percentage of royalties, you should forward a copy of this permission to along with your remix registration details.

Read our Remix FAQ -


This is a reconceptualization of a pre-existing work that adds musical variety by way of compositional techniques. It may differ from the pre-existing work in terms of elements such as harmony, instrumentation and structure but may also contain added elements composed by the arranger.

Arrangements can be registered if the pre-existing work is out of copyright and in the public domain. In Australia, the duration of copyright extends for 70 years after each composer’s death. In New Zealand, it is extended for 50 years. Once the duration of copyright has passed, the work is considered to be in the public domain.


This may be any music used in advertisements, including commissioned works, general works and production music. Jingles are used to promote or advertise a product or service and it will often contain hooks, slogans or catch phrases.

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Film/TV Work

These are works commissioned specifically for a film or television production. They make up all or part of the overall sound score (aka underscore). A “cue” refers to when and where a piece of music is used in a film/tv production and there are two types of cues that can be registered with APRA AMCOS, background and theme.

You do not need to register all individual cues. Simply register one work for all of the background cues and one work for the music played over the opening/closing credits (if applicable). Register using the following format: “EXAMPLE TV SHOW (BACKGROUND) and EXAMPLE TV SHOW (THEME).

If a pre-existing work is used in a film/tv production, this can be registered as a general work, not as a background or theme.

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