A step-by-step guide

1. Log in to your account.

2. You’ll automatically come to the WORKS tab on the dashboard. This is where you can register any new works you write. You can also use the search function to check which of your works are already registered.

3. Click the ‘Register Works’ button

4. Select whether your work is any of the below:

  • Subject to a publishing agreement
    (If you have an agreement with a recognised music publisher, they should register works on your behalf. If you have an agreement with a foreign music publisher, please contact worksreg@apra.com.au for more information).
  • A remix of a pre-existing work
    (You will need permission from the original copyright owners of the pre-existing work to register it. Read more about remixes).
  • A jingle used in advertising
  • Commissioned for film or television
    (This option will only appear if our system identifies you as a screen composer according to your membership details.)

5. Click ‘Next.’

6. Enter information about the work you want to register:

  • Work Title 
    If you are registering a remix, you will also need to add the title of the pre-existing work.
    If you are registering a film/tv work, use the following format: “EXAMPLE TV SHOW (BACKGROUND) and EXAMPLE TV SHOW (THEME).
  • Alternative Title 
    If your work isn’t known by a another title, leave this field blank.
  • Performer 
    Needs to relate to this work. If you are registering a remix, please add the performer of the pre-existing work.
  • Duration 
    Approximate or average time. This can be edited by you later.
  • ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)
    You can add an ISRC to a work at any time by logging into your account. APRA AMCOS does not issue ISRCs. Contact ARIA for all ISRC enquiries.
  • Arrangement of Non-Copyright Work 
    Only select YES if you have created an arrangement for a pre-existing work that is no longer in copyright. If you are unsure whether the pre-existing work is no longer in copyright, please contact us before completing this registration.
  • How many copyright owners? 
    If you’ve written this work with other people, enter the number of people involved. Note: If you are published for the work you are registering, your publisher is counted as a copyright owner.
  • Are shares to be split equally?
    If you and your co-writers have agreed to varying shares, tick ‘No’. Otherwise, tick ‘Yes.’

7. Click ‘Next.’

8. Select the correct ‘Role’ and type the names of each co-writer, noting:

  • Composer - someone who has contributed to the music
  • Author – someone who has contributed to the lyrics
  • Composer/Author – someone who has contributed to both the music and the lyrics

9. Enter the percentage share for each co-writer of the work. This will indicate how much they contributed to the work and what percentage of the copyright they own.
You only need to fill out this section if you’ve worked with a co-writer.

10. Click ‘Next’ to finish.

A ‘Work Summary’ page will then appear indicating that you have submitted your registration. It will display the registration details including a GW number and the co-writers names and shares.

11. Select from the options:

  • Start New’ to register a new work with different details.
  •  ‘Register with the same’ to register a new work with the same writer details
  • Uploading ‘Audio’ is only required if you are registering a jingle.

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