If you want to reproduce music in physical form (e.g CD, DVD, vinyl records), for a commercial purpose you will need this licence.

This licence allows for the reproduction of music for the following purposes. 

  • Retail Sale
    To supply record shops or distribution companies with the recording for the purpose of sale.
  • Sale at Performances
    To sell the recording direct to customers at performances.
  • Demo/audition
    For submission of recordings to music publishers, record companies, artists, radio stations and booking agents etc to promote the artist or composers of the works on the recording.
  • Background music
    For you to use the recordings as background music at a performance or other event. Doesn't cover public performance including but not limited to performances in a dramatic context.
  • Educational
    For the purpose of providing students with recordings free of charge where the school doesn't have an existing educational licence with APRA AMCOS.

This licence does not cover the use of musical works in advertisements, sampling and lyric changes. You will need permission directly from the copyright owner before you can reproduce the works for these purposes. It also does not cover the copying of sound recordings. Sound recordings are a separate protection under the Copyright Act. You usually need to obtain permission from the record company who owns the rights in the recording. 

To begin your application please complete an Audio Manufacture Licence application. Licence processing can take between three to six weeks depending on the complexity of application. Please note granting of your licence is dependent on payment of the tax invoice/s and payment options. 

How much does it cost?

Licence fees are calculated by:

Selling Price (excl. GST) ÷ number of works on recording x 6% (the royalty rate) x amount of APRA AMCOS registered works x quantity manufactured.  

Subject to minimum fee of 5 cents per unit (excl. GST). 

There is also a processing fee which ranges between $20 - $85 (excl. GST) depending on number of works registered with APRA AMCOS.

Licence Application

Please note before starting application:

The Audio Manufacture Licence only applies to physical copies. If you would like to make copyright works available digitally please email our Digital Team digital@apra.com.au

After selecting licence application below, right click and select "Save As" to save a copy of the document (pdf) to your computer before filling out the application. 

Direct Licence form

Need more information?

We’re here to help you, please contact us on 1300 852 388 or mechlic@apra.com.au.

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