This licence is designed for businesses that supply music to other businesses, for background music use only. The licence allows for the copy and distribution of registered works as part of your ongoing service to your customers.  It does not allow for the commercial sale of the copies. Copies made for sale to consumers are licensed under our audio manufacture licence.

What does it cover?

The licence provides for three separate types of reproductions.
- Audio Recordings
- Music Videos
- Karaoke Recordings

The licence provides for the physical and/or digital distribution of the copies made.

What’s not allowed under this licence:

  • Playing the copied works in public. We can provide you with a public performance licence separately. 
  • Using them as giveaways for promotion or in advertising campaigns. Permission from the copyright owner is required for this. See our research service for help sourcing copyright owners.
  • Reproducing lyrics in graphic or text form (other than within karaoke recordings).
  • Making the works available for commercial sale or distribution
  • Synchronising copied works with audio-visual productions. Permission from the copyright owner is required. 
  • The right to record voice-overs on reproduced works. 

How much does it cost?

    • Audio Recordings – 6.6% of relevant gross revenue*
    • Music Videos – 5.5% of relevant gross revenue
    • Karaoke Recordings – 11.55% of relevant gross revenue
      *Revenue stream earned from reproduction of musical works. 
licence application

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