You can transfer music from one format to another for private copying purposes with this licence, subject to conditions.

What’s allowed under this licence

  • Back up of audio/karaoke recordings onto computer hard drive, for personal use and DJ performances.
  • Providing copies to students for the purpose of rehearsal.
  • Musical accompaniment for performances. 
  • Background Music

What’s not allowed under this licence:

  • Playing the copied works in public. We can provide you with a public performance licence separately. 
  • Using them as giveaways for promotion or in advertising campaigns. Permission from the copyright owner is required for this. See our research service for help sourcing copyright owners.
  • Reproducing lyrics in graphic or text form (other than within karaoke recordings).
  • Making the works available for commercial sale or distribution
  • Synchronising copied works with audio-visual productions. Permission from the copyright owner is required. 

Please note: Your sound recording must be legitimate copy belonging to you. You should ensure your sound recording is legal before applying for this licence. Unauthorised copying of music affects our members and their livelihoods. 

licence application

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