This low-cost licence covers online services with low levels of music use earning less than AU$25,000 a year.

Online Mini is a low-cost licence which covers:

  • On Demand Streaming (individual tracks or streaming services)
  • Webcasting
  • Podcasts (featured music or minimal music)
  • Entertainment/Audio-Visual Streaming Service
  • Looped Background Music
  • Clip Service & Movie Previews
  • Music Download Service
  • Backing Track Download Service
  • Ringtone Download Service
  • Karaoke Track (Download or Streaming Service)

The Online Mini Licence does not include corporate campaigns (unless using production music), synchronisations, theme songs or semi interactive and interactive streaming services. 

It is also not applicable to Facebook streams or YouTube videos and channels.

How much does it cost?

Licence fees start at $275.00 per year (includes 10% GST).

Need more information?

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