COVID-19 Response – Important Information for Schools

APRA AMCOS recognises that this is a very challenging time for schools, teachers and students. Educators are needing to quickly develop content and adapt to the online delivery of music education. We are working with our writer and publisher members to ensure that schools can continue to rely on the APRA AMCOS Schools Music Licences for their educational activities in these difficult circumstances.

Digital copying and sharing of sheet music

Although the AMCOS School Print Music Licence does not normally allow for digital reproduction of sheet music, we understand that at this time it is imperative for schools to be able to share whole musical works in digital formats with students and staff. We are therefore temporarily providing a  gratis licence (on an emergency and non-precedential basis) to allow all schools to digitally copy and share sheet music, whether students are participating remotely or in person. The licence is effective from 16 March through to 31 July 2020, with an extension available should schools remain closed, or partially closed, after that date.

This gratis licence is offered under the following conditions: 

  • Sharing must be via a password protected school system;
  • Students should only have access to the music they require for educational purposes;
  • Only music that is permitted to be photocopied under the AMCOS Print Music Licence may be reproduced/shared (i.e. no music for the purposes of private tuition and no tutor books); and
  • Digital copies are to be destroyed/deleted immediately after quarantine had ended.  

Sharing recordings of music

The APRA AMCOS ARIA A/V Licence already covers schools for the digital reproduction and sharing of recordings of music via a password protected school system, as well as live streaming of school performances on a school website.

This licence does not cover the posting of recordings of music on social media or any online platforms. This activity requires additional permission from music publishers. APRA AMCOS can assist by providing contact details of publishers.

Please contact us at or via our Live Chat if you have any questions about the APRA AMCOS Schools Music Licences. The National Copyright Unit (NCU) provides schools with general copyright assistance and advice and has prepared an information sheet to provide some guidance during these uncertain times. If you need any additional information from NCU, please visit, call 02 7814 3855 or email

There are three APRA AMCOS music licences that enable schools to legally perform and reproduce what they need to deliver their education programs:

1. APRA Performance Licence

2. AMCOS Print Music Licence

3. APRA AMCOS ARIA Music Recordings and Access (A/V) Licence.

Most schools will require all three licences to fully cover their musical activities. All government schools in Australia are covered by the three licences automatically through their state or territory Department. Catholic and independent schools can opt in to each licence through their peak governing body.

Note re: filming of school concerts - under our music licences with primary and secondary schools, the school is able to film the concert themselves and share with the school community. The school can also give permission to parents to film their child’s concert for private and domestic use. Please note this covers music copyright only, and you might need permission for other copyright materials captured in the recording (eg: choreography, artwork, costumes).

If you're not sure what activities are covered and what activities are not covered by the licence, read our Licence Info Guide.

Licence info guide

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