Universities are covered to give free performances of live and recorded music for educational purposes and free university eventsThis includes but is not limited to uses like:

  • Staff parties
  • Graduations
  • Open days
  • Awareness events (i.e. a Harmony Day event)
  • On the telephone hold system
  • In administration and staff areas
  • In teaching areas, workshops and other teaching venues.
  • Concerts and events such as revues

All events must be given for free. If admission fees are charged then further licensing is required from APRA AMCOS. 

The licence does not cover works performed in a Dramatic Context.

From 1 January 2018, Dramatic Context means the performance of musical works:

a) in conjunction with a presentation on the live stage that has:

(i) a storyline; and

(ii) one or more narrators or characters; or

b) as a Ballet.

Ballet means a choreographic work having a story, plot or abstract idea devised or used for the purpose of interpretation by dancing and/or miming. Ballet does not include country or folk dancing, tap dancing or precision dancing sequences If a musical work is being performed in a Dramatic Context then further licensing is required. Visit our Music in Theatre page for more information.

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