Our Community Radio Licences are for radio stations broadcasting on an AM/FM signal. If you are looking for information on online-only radio stations, head over to Online Music Services.

We offer a combined broadcast, reproduction and online licence to Community Radio Stations. The licence is on an “opt-in” basis, so stations only pay for what they need.

Our licences for Community Radio Stations fall into two categories - Permanent or Temporary - depending on the type of licence they receive from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. We also offer a specific licence for providers of Radio for the Print Handicapped. 

Our Licence for Permanent Community Radio Stations:

- Based on a flat fee for stations with revenue of less than $50,000 per annum. 
- Stations with revenue greater than $50,000 per annum are charged a percentage of revenue, depending on the amount of music that they broadcast.

Download application     Schedule 5 form     Schedule 5 form (PDF)

Our Licence for Temporary Community Radio Stations:

A complimentary two year licence applies from the date of your first test transmission. Following the expiry of the two year (24 month) period, our licence fees are based on the revenue reported by the station for each financial period.

Download application     Schedule 5 form

Our Licence for Radio Stations for the Print Handicapped:

Annual flat fee for all stations.

Download application     Schedule 5 form


Our distribution of licence fees from community radio stations is based on music use data provided by a number of sample stations on a rostered basis. This system provides a valid distribution model, keeps our administrative costs low, minimises the administrative burden on you and ensures more money goes to our composers.

If you are unsure whether your Community Radio station is required to report, please contact APRA at communityradio@apra.com.au

Community Radio Reporting Information Kit
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