If you wish to use music in an advertisement/premium campaign, film or TV production you need the permission and a licence from the copyright owners of the musical work and sound recordings.
Our research service can help you obtain the details of particular published works and who holds the copyright to them. 

The APRA AMCOS Copyright Ownership Information Service provides the following time frames:

  • 1 – 5 works, email response sent within 5 working days
  • 6 – 10 works, email response sent within 15 working days
  • For 11 works or more, you are required to complete a Premium Research application, which is subject to payment of research fees.

Please complete a request form, depending on your needs:

Standard research (up to 10 works)

Premium research (11 works or more)

Please note the provision of ownership information by APRA AMCOS does not constitute an authorisation of any kind to use the musical work or sound recording in any manner whatsoever. Such authorisation may be obtained only from the owner or representative of the relevant rights.

Sound Recordings

Copyright of recorded music also usually requires an additional licence for the sound recording in the song. 

The Australian Recording Industry Association may be able to assist you with this. Their number is 02 8569 1144 or you can visit their website

Production Music

Production Music is an administratively simple and cost effective alternative to commercially recorded music. It is specifically written and recorded for inclusion in all forms of audio and audiovisual productions including advertisements, films, DVDs, TV & radio programmes, websites, online games and music-on-hold.

For more information on Production Music Licences see Production Music.

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