OneMusic Australia will be consulting with the industry regarding a combined licence for musical works and sound recordings in Dramatic Context uses.

In the meantime, OneMusic Australia will be administering the APRA AMCOS Dramatic Context licence scheme which covers musical works only.

For the time being, if you wish to use any sound recordings, you will need to contact the relevant sound recording copyright owners (generally record labels) directly. PPCA may be able to provide the contact details of record labels.

Contact: or (02) 8569 1111.

Some theatrical performances can be licensed by OneMusic and some cannot.

Download the lists of those works not available for use and Go Direct:

While APRA AMCOS (one of the organisations who have formed OneMusic Australia) has a standing exclusive mandate from its members to license concerts and other non-dramatic performances of musical works, it DOES NOT have the same mandate when it comes to performances of music in a Dramatic Context.

Some music IS available to be licensed by us for Dramatic Context performances, but only if that member (copyright owner) has granted us a non- exclusive Agency Appointment to do so.

These decisions are made by the copyright owner and not by OneMusic.

The guidelines below outline the Dramatic Context definition and how it will apply to music played or performed in shows.

Dramatic Context means the performance of musical works:

a) in conjunction with a presentation on the live stage that has: (i) a storyline; and (ii) one or more narrators or characters; or
b) as a Ballet.

Ballet means a choreographic work having a story, plot or abstract idea devised or used for the purpose of interpretation by dancing and/ or miming. Ballet does not include country or folk dancing, tap dancing or precision dancing sequences.

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