Production Music provides a high quality and cost effective solution for music use in productions. APRA AMCOS offers licensing for Australia and New Zealand for over 800,000 tracks across all styles and genres. Licences issued by APRA AMCOS cover the right to reproduce the musical work and sound recording. 

Production Music is written and recorded specifically for the synchronisation or dubbing in audio and audiovisual productions. This can include but is not limited to adverts, films, DVDS, TV and radio programs, websites, online games, music on hold and ringtones.

How it works

1.     SIGN UP: Sign up for free using the Production Music Client Registration form and you will be assigned a Production Music Client Number (PMCN)

2.     SOURCE: Source production music from our suppliers and take advantage of their free music search service. 

3.     SUBMIT: Report the music used and obtain a licence by submitting an online application

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2020 Australia Production Music Rates

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Contact the Production Music team at or (02) 9935 7751.

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