New website helps consumers find the legal, creative content they want quickly and easily.

Tuesday, 05 Aug 2014

APRA AMCOS CEO Brett Cottle & Actor Simon Burke

The Digital Content Guide is a new platform to help consumers find the creative content they want easily and quickly, from licensed sources in Australia. The website directs users to licensed online entertainment services including TV and movies, music, eBooks, games and sport. The service is free and is available for desktop and portable devices.

APRA AMCOS has joined ARIA, the Australian Screen Association, Copyright Agency Ltd, Foxtel, News Corp Australia and Village Roadshow in funding the new site. The guide is an important tool to help consumers make an educated choice when they look for creative content online. The aim is to offer an easy alternative to illegal methods of downloading and streaming which denies creators their rightful revenue.

Brett Cottle, CEO of APRA AMCOS said of the new guide, "The overwhelming majority of Australian content users believe music creators should be paid fairly for their work. This belief is at the core of what APRA AMCOS does and the Digital Content Guide is an excellent step in the right direction. Providing consumers with information on where they can purchase music legally is a a win-win situation for music lovers and music creators and works to ensure a sustainable and strong future for the music industry."

Research conducted by UMR in December 2012 showed the majority of Australians believe creators should be paid for their work, regardless of whether it is made available online or in a physical form. The Digital Content Guide will make it easier for consumers to find the music they want from a licensed service which supports the recording artists and labels, so they can continue to make the music fans love.

Users of the site will see a wide choice of licensed digital services available in Australia for a variety of content across different devices and platforms. As new services become available, the site will keep pace in order to help Australians find the content they want from a licensed service. 

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APRA AMCOS Ambassador Jonathan Zwartz, Emma Pask and Kevin Hunt.

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