Monday, 02 Jun 2014

Following consultation with the APRA AMCOS Jingle Advisory Group (JAG), the Board has now agreed to implement a new Enriched Data Sources (EDS) jingle system. This exciting development will see us move away from self reporting for jingles.

There are three main technology supports that will enable the new system to come to life:

Firstly, we will engage data upload experts to build a secure portal into which our members can upload audio files of jingle, commercial and production music that may be used in advertising. The audio files will then be submitted into the data-base of our music recognition company.

Secondly, we will engage an ad-tracking company to monitor all radio and TV advertisements and ‘cut out’ the ads from the rest of the broadcasts.

Thirdly, the ads will be sent to the above-mentioned music recognition company to identify the music played in the ads. This process is thorough enough to identify very short excerpts of music, including situations when the music is obscured by voice-overs and other sound effects.

All of this will culminate in a new system which is both accurate and less onerous.

The exception will be ads that are exclusively aired in regional areas. Given the costs associated with the new system, regional areas will continue to be self-reported at this stage. Once it is financially viable, the scheme will be expanded to accommodate all areas. In addition, the scheme will continue to focus on TV and radio ads (as per the current scheme).

However in time, if it becomes viable to do so, ads in other media will be included. Naturally, there are many safe-guards, processes and logistics to consider prior to implementing such a system and this will be addressed by APRA AMCOS Management in consultation with the JAG.

As we move closer to implementing the new system, members will be provided with full details including the areas that will be regional for the purpose of the new jingle system, as well as complete details on uploading audio files in the new portal.

The upload facility is expected to be ready later this year, and we envisage spending the first half of 2015 testing all three parts of the new system before going live. We note a big thank you to the JAG, and also to our wider jingle members who provided input to the JAG and assisted in forming the recommendations to the APRA AMCOS Boards.

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