SPOTLIGHT ON SONGHUBS - Adelaide to Nashville, London to Toronto - SongHubs is connecting songwriters across the globe.

Thursday, 13 Nov 2014

SongHubs is one of APRA AMCOS’s most innovative initiatives. A songwriting camp at heart, the program pairs APRA AMCOS members with international producers and writers to collaborate on new songs. The goal is to create international songwriting opportunities for Australian APRA AMCOS members with the world’s best in various music hubs around the world.

2014 has been a big year for SongHubs. So far it has travelled to Nashville, London, Toronto and Adelaide, with many more collaborations planned for next year.

APRA AMCOS members and SongHubs participants share some of the valuable experiences encountered through their cross-border collaboration. 

SongHubs Nashville

What was different and valuable about Nashville SongHubs is that the leading US writers who participated are masters of crafting lyrically rich story songs…so the focus was on the great tradition of writing that is so strong in this town, rather than the pop model of writing to a track.” – Mark Moffatt, APRA AMCOS Nashville Rep.

“The best thing about music, and songwriting particularly, is that it's a continuous learning curve. Other than the obvious benefit of possibly writing a 'hit' song, being part of the week and working with international writers has broadened my view on what kind of songs I am capable of writing …and witnessing the work ethic of songwriters hell-bent on creating something great.” - Kevin Bennett, Sydney songwriter.

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SongHubs Adelaide

• “The opportunity to work with three different producers with very different styles over three days gave us so much insight into what we did and didn’t want for our sound.” - Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough (Echo and the Empress) SongHubs Adelaide participants.


SongHubs Toronto

'MERGE2014 was without doubt, end-to-end the best song camp I've ever been on - from the setup to the level of talent and the music created during the week. 1916, BlackBox, APRA and SOCAN did an amazing job of putting it all together. The whole week had an incredible energy & all egos put aside - perhaps surprising considering the CV's on all the talent there. It was great working with writers and producers creating hit records of today and forging the sound of tomorrow. MERGE was also one of the best networking and learning experiences I've had in 4 years of living & working in L.A.' - Tushar Apte, Toronto SongHubs Producer

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