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Tuesday, 01 Oct 2013

Tropscore February 2013 Winner: Jared Underwood

Entries for Tropscore are almost closed so if you want to know the kind of experience you can have with Tropscore have a read of our interview with last years winner Jared Underwood.

Q. What was winning Tropscore like and how has it helped you since? Jared Underwood

It was a thrill to find out I had won Tropscore 2013 with my score for ‘The Exchange’.

It was also exciting and a little daunting being reminded with only a few days notice that the winner had to perform their score live to picture at Tropfest in front of an audience of 80,000 people. So I knuckled down and prepared my score and click tracks, and rehearsed on my vibraphone in sync with the film. Preparing and condensing my film score that had more than 60 channels of instruments for live performance took some planning and preparation. Once I was all prepared the live performance at Tropfest was really fun and a rare opportunity to play my original music live in front of a large audience. It also looks great on my website having that live footage.

Winning Tropscore was good for a little bit of kudos amongst my existing music peers and also handy to put up on my website to showcase my work and hopefully get some new enquiries for my music composition in the future.

Q. What was it about Tropscore that made you decide to enter? Why should others enter?

I decided to enter Tropscore because I had scored a Tropfest finalist film the previous 2 years in a row and when I was at the live event in 2012 I saw the Tropscore winner performing and thought I should give that a go. Then when I saw the film ‘The Exchange’ that was set for Tropscore 2013 I really liked the film and it was right up my alley in terms of mood and genre. I was then really motivated to give it my best shot. I thought it was a great opportunity to get my music and my name as a composer out there to a large audience. Also the prize money was an attractive offer. Like most musicians and composers, I had a wish list of sample library software and music equipment that I was finally able to afford with the prize money. Thanks APRA !



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