Big Day Out for Yung Warriors

Friday, 01 Feb 2013

Yung Warriors recently performed at Melbourne’s Big Day Out festival to a crowd of thousands. APRAP caught up with them after their performance to find out where these hip hop ambassadors came from, what they’re doing and why.Yung-Warriors.jpg

What was it like performing at the Big Day Out? 

Tjimba: Oh just so great. We had such a good response from the crowd there and couldn’t believe how many words they knew from our songs.

Danny: Yeah and even our old stuff like ‘Warrior for Life’ which we released the last time we played BDO in 2006.

Tjimba: Yeah and we played at 3 o’clock in the afternoon this time which was a great time to play. It looked like the Red Stage was the biggest under cover stage there and so we were just so proud. I hope that came across on stage cos I was having a great time.

What was the most memorable moment of the performance?

Tjimba: Just when everyone responded to our chant ‘put your hands up!’ and about 2000 people did! Also it was great doing it with our guest rappers on the day including my brother Narjic who did the first album and the first tours with us. It was great to see him there with us…he was so up there with us. I’m looking forward to working a bit on his hard rock album he is working on.

Where do you get inspiration for your songs? What do you usually write about?

Tjimba: I’m mainly inspired by my own life and family. That’s why I’m always singing about how we come from central Australia but live in broady in Melbourne. We know the struggle aboriginal people and elders go through because we have lived it.

Danny: And we live the city life too. So we sing about how you should hold your head up high being an aboriginal youth in the city. Keep strong. Keep your family strong and keep connected to culture somehow…but living day to day is so much trouble for lots of our young family friends – our cousins and nephews look up to us.

Tjimba: And they all want to work a bit with us so we just want to help all of them to make music and be proud.

What’s been the proudest moment of your music career so far?

Danny: Definitely getting the Deadly Award 2012 as Best Indigenous Hip Hop Artist from the Deadly Vibe magazine. They vote for that from the public and that’s the best feedback we can get – we didn’t expect it either.

Tjimba: I’m just so proud and inspired cos they named us ‘hip hop ambassadors’ in the press. I was just so inspired when I heard and read that and thought “gee yeah, that’s what I want more that anything…recognised by the hip hop community.” I just love hip hop

What genres of music are you influenced by? Who are you listening to at the moment?

Tjimba: I actually listen to a lot of Lee Ritenour and Rush cos they are guitar masters like my Dad. We also listen to every new release all the time….right into Game at the moment.

What do you like about the Aussie hip hop scene? Why is it different to the U.S. do you think?

Tjimba: The main difference is in the raps and the words and what the songs are about. Our hip hop is all about us – indigenous youth in Australia. Apart from that, it’s a worldwide music and just has too many styles to mention…its all hip hop.

What inspires you to keep going?

Tjimba: I decided at a young age that I wanted to do music. That was because my father played in Coloured Stone and Blackfire and my uncles were into indigenous music in the beginning – all of them; Bart Willoughby, Bunna Lawrie…

What’s some advice for other young artists out there writing songs and playing music?

Tjimba: Just do it. There are lots of community groups all over Australia that can help. There’s YouTube to go out on and indigenous radio too – that all helped us so there you go.

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