Meet Patrick Donovan: AMIN

Thursday, 09 Apr 2015

You’re new into the role as Chair of AMIN. Tell us about your role, what you’re trying to achieve and what lies ahead. 

The Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) is a company limited by guarantee and its directors are the heads of the state and territory peak bodies. It’s comprised of old heads like Mark Smith (Secretary) from Music NT and Music NSW’s Kirsty Brown (Deputy Chair), as well as new reps from South Australia, Queensland and ACT. I chair the meetings, oversee business and act as a spokesperson. We are currently writing a new strategic plan. Our goals are to negotiate more benefits and discounts, advocate on member’s behalf, work closely with APRA AMCOS, Sounds Australia and the Live Music Office, and lock in some strong commitments to contemporary music by all parties at next year’s federal election.

You’re also CEO of Music Victoria, what is shaping up for the next 12 months for Music Victoria and what should songwriters be aware of?

We are putting together an excellent 12-month professional development program, with most of the workshops being held at our new office in South Melbourne. We are going to continue to negotiate for more discounts for members, liaise with the government on its $22.2 million policy and advise songwriters on how they can access the new grant programs. We are also gearing up for the annual Age Music Victoria Awards and a one-off Hall of Fame event.

The new travel deal brings real dollar savings for AMIN members, how did it come about?

AMIN (and in particular former AMIN chair Denise Foley) negotiated the excess baggage deal with Virgin four years ago. We surveyed our members last year about other benefits they sought, and there was a discernible need for more travel discounts as well as insurance and financial planning. Travel Beyond offered the best deal, so we went with them.

Could you outline who is eligible for the deal and what you can do if you’re not currently eligible? 

All members of state and territory music peak bodies are eligible. The Music Victoria portal is set up, and the rest will follow. It’s really easy to book a whole tour through the portal. You must become a member of the state or territory organisation you reside in.

What other advice or tips would you offer to APRA AMCOS members wanting to tour within Australia and internationally? 

We hope bands will make big savings by booking through the state Travel Beyond portals, and they will invest those savings back in their bands.

  • Pick some bands in that territory that have a big following to support you.
  • Make band friends so you can crash with them next time you visit.
  • Play as many shows as possible over a few nights to make the trip worthwhile.
  • It’s often cheaper to use local production rather than lug it with you

What do you think will be the big topics for Australian songwriters in the coming year? 

  • Musician’s income is always an issue, so we are always looking at ways to help cut their costs or help diversify their income.
  • We are also looking into tinnitus studies and hearing health promotion.
  • We are looking at writing a Best Practice Guide for Musicians.
  • We will survey artists and meet with partners to determine the biggest issues to take to federal political parties ahead of next year’s election.
  • We also want to lobby for a national music TV show on free-to-air TV.

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