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Thursday, 06 Aug 2015

Find out how Adam Townsend, our London-based Member Services Representative, has been supporting APRA AMCOS members across the UK and Europe.

The Great Escape, Brighton: 14-16 May, 2015

Our trek begins at The Great Escape where Townsend liaised with industry representatives on behalf of APRA AMCOS, supported Sounds Australia and made introductions wherever possible.

His main focus was the mighty Aussie BBQ that featured SAFIA, Tkay Maidza, Remi, Saskwatch, BAD//DREEMS and Jesse Davidson. After her 2015 Great Escape appearance, indie sensation Courtney Barnett became one of the most talked about artists, with the festival praising her “witty, narrative-style lyrics” and noting her three sold-out UK shows.

The Aussie BBQ, London: 17 May, 2015

The Aussie BBQ headed north to Hoxton Square in London, dropping BAD//DREEMS off along the way and adding KLO, Tora, Flyying Colours, The Coopers, Millions, Service Bells, and Sun God Replica to the Sounds Australia stage. The all-day event also saw Nick Kingswell, Telen Rodwell, Lucy Mason, Hein Cooper, Animal House, Suzie Stapleton, Phia, and Belle Roscoe perform on the APRA AMCOS stage. As an ex-chef, Townsend took care of BBQ duties.

APRA AMCOS SongHubs, London:  18 – 22 May, 2015

Next up, Townsend found himself at the five-day songwriting camp SongHubs, held at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross. Australian and UK-based APRA AMCOS members paired with 24 international songwriters and producers across eight studios. The result? 40 recorded songs.

“The premise of these events is creating networking opportunities,” said Townsend. “The idea is to give people an introduction to international writers, producers and artists.”

The creative collaborators included Daniel Merriweather, Taylor Henderson, L.K. MCKAY, Jesse Davidson, Tkay Maidza, SAFIA, Alex Burnett, Jon Hume, Reese Szabo, Steven Manovski, Tom Diesel, James Shuar, Reija Lee Thomas and Tonino Speciale.

Adam was especially pleased by the response from Tileyard Studios that run songwriting events almost monthly. “They all said that this was the best bunch of songs they’ve ever seen come out of a writing camp. It was incredibly positive for us to hear that. It’s mostly to do with the members that were picked. They’re all incredibly hard-working, sometimes staying in the studio past midnight. The level of dedication was very encouraging.”

Primavera Sound, Barcelona: 26 - 31 May, 2015

From London to Barcelona, Primavera Sound was the next event on Townsend’s calendar.  A fine Australian contingent including SAFIA, Holy Holy, Twerps, Chet Faker, Millions, Flyying Colours, KLO, Sun God Replica, Panama, Movement and D.D. Dumbo performed.

“There’s obviously a huge Spanish influence which opens up a market to South America,” said Townsend. “So there was a large contingency from South American countries.”

“It was really encouraging, as part of the Australian crew, to see the level of interest they had in Australian music,” he revealed. “And I can say that the Aussie BBQ at PrimaveraPro was definitely one of the most well-attended showcases. Throw free beer and food at people and they’ll come running! It went really well.”

MIDEM, Cannes: 5 – 8 June 2015

Live performances weren’t the focus at the longest-running industry conference in the world. Instead, Townsend found MIDEM valuable for the Australian industry looking to connect with their international counterparts.

While the traditional focus of MIDEM is on licensing, publishing and distribution, Townsend found MIDEM is embracing new technology in the music industry. “It’s all about striking a balance between the old and the new,” he said.

New Zealand Showcase, London: October 2015

After a hectic May and June, Townsend is now planning a showcase opportunity for members with support from the NZ High Commission and Independent Music New Zealand.

The event is set to showcase ex-pat Kiwis living in Britain, as well as New Zealand artists travelling through the UK for Germany’s late-September Reeperbahn Festival and New York’s mid-October CMJ Festival.

“I think, as we’ve done a few Australian showcases here, the level of attention for a New Zealand showcase should be quite good,” he said.

The event will most likely kick-off in the first week of October, so it’s high time for New Zealand artists to take advantage of the goodwill. “If they’re still planning or know that they’re going to be here around that time, I’d absolutely encourage them to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.”

Adam Townsend looks after the interests of our members in the UK and Europe. If you’re heading there, email to see how he can help. Touring or relocating to the United States? Email Isabel Pappani in Los Angeles ( and Mark Moffat in Nashville (  

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