Yahtzel talks LPRs and why you need to submit yours before the deadline!

Thursday, 09 Jul 2015

OK, who admits to Christmas shopping on 24 December? Getting Mum a bunch of flowers on the way to her house on Mother’s Day? There’s always a group of our APRA AMCOS members who are only motivated by a looming deadline bearing down. So for you - here it is – your LPR has to be lodged in under two weeks (earlier deadline)! 

We chatted to 21 year old electronic/indie producer Yahtzel (Max Armata), who hails from Ulladulla on the NSW south coast. His triple j unearthed bio from 2013 said, “My love for electronic production came when I replaced an old 8-track tape recorder for a computer to record live instruments.” 

Max is also one half of duo Carmada and began his career releasing his music for free but now finds his top priority is his live performances.

“If you play live music, you need to make an LPR part of your gig checklist,” said Yahtzel, who has been lodging LPRs since mid 2013 and bought a synthesizer with his first LPR cheque. 

“Getting the equipment you need to keep performing, particularly for electronic music, is expensive. The royalty and performance payments from APRA AMCOS, is what keeps me afloat. They give me the ability to do what I want with my music like giving my tracks away for free, without stressing out about being on a label.  APRA AMCOS is KEY to the career of any artist, independent or not,” he said.

Although Yahtzel is only starting out, many career musicians wish they had taken the short time to lodge their LPRs earlier, realising this is not only a crucial payment but also a boost to self-worth and the importance of rights ownership.

“More than $4 million is distributed each year to members who take the time to lodge an LPR for that financial year. Long after the cheer of the live crowd has died down and the performance fee spent, LPR is the gig that keeps on giving. Completing your LPR takes less time than lodging your BAS. But instead of having to send money out – an LPR is money coming in - a reward for the hard work of playing live,” said Dean Ormston, Head of Member Services Group.

 A new, earlier deadline of 31 July applies for 2015.

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