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Tuesday, 09 Jun 2015

Online nominations are now open with the Awards ceremony to be held in Melbourne in December.

All formats are included: from documentaries, short films, mini series, TV series and children’s TV to feature films and even advertisements – some 10 categories in total.

“The ceremony acknowledges excellence and innovation in the field of screen composition,” said Guy Gross of AGSC. “We are looking for brilliance in compositional craft, creativity and originality.

“Last year's award recipients didn't seem truly representative of the diversity of our film composing community, so we particularly wish to encourage women to submit their work for consideration.  We know there is some wonderful music being created and wish to ensure it is given an appropriate opportunity for recognition,” Guy said.

Two of the Award categories are based purely on data on actual broadcasts - APRA AMCOS calculates the Most Performed Screen Composer (Australia) and the Most Performed Screen Composer (Overseas).

The other Awards are:             

  • Best Music for a Documentary;
  • Best Music for a Short Film;
  • Best Original Song Composed for the Screen;
  • Best Music for a Mini-Series or Tele-movie;
  • Best Music for a Television Series or Serial;
  • Best Television Theme;
  • Best Music for Children’s Television;
  • Best Music for an Advertisement;
  • Feature Film Score of the Year, and;
  • Best Soundtrack Album.

In 2013, Sydney-sider Caitlin Yeo’s talent shone through to win her ‘Feature Film Score of the Year’ for Australian drama The Rocket released that year.

The Award win was not only a surprise, but a vindication of her unique composing style, “I like to develop a very hand crafted score, a fusion of ethnic music as well as twentieth century composition. Having come from a multi-cultural background, it was even more rewarding to be working on a film that explored coming of age in the beautiful country of Laos.

“At the Awards, it was an extraordinary experience to the have music, which is normally heard in the background of a film, brought to the forefront. I was, in a way, also representing female composers who are under-represented in the industry and in the award itself. For me, it was a career milestone to be given the award from my peers because they understand the importance of celebrating the art and craft of what we do,” Caitlin said.

Caitlin is in stellar company, with the likes of David Hirschfelder, Lisa Gerrard and Burkhard Dallwitz having previously won this award category.

Nominating is a rewarding experience and entries are encouraged from across the country. Nominations can be made online.

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