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Friday, 08 May 2015

The new Resolution Pathways program has been put together to provide a non-confrontational way of resolving any disagreement you may have with other music creators or APRA AMCOS. Shirli Kirschner, of company Resolve Advisors, is the Resolution Facilitator under this program and she brings decades of mediation experience to the role.

The background to any disagreement is often complex and always unique. Resolution Pathways offers three approaches (pathways) to the dispute. The Resolution Facilitator will help you to work out which pathway may work best for you.

Each pathway has its own low cost fee structure. They vary in how formal they are and how involved you will need to be. Of course, the amount of money under dispute and the mediator or expert you select will also affect costs.

You can choose from:

Mediation: an informal, flexible process using a skilled mediator (chosen from a panel of mediators) who are trained in helping to resolve disputes; they WILL NOT offer a view of their own.
Mapping: a music industry expert, trained in mediation, can also provide guidance to music creators involved in disputes.
Expert View: a person who is an expert in the area of the dispute delivers a NON-BINDING evaluation to all parties in the dispute. The Resolution Facilitator would select this expert, with your approval.
Binding Decision: Similar to the above pathway, except this decision is BINDING. Again, the Resolution Facilitator would select this expert, with your approval.

Resolution Pathways is managed by an independent advisory committee and was designed around the requirements of APRA’s ACCC authorisation.

While the Resolution Facilitator’s first task is to suggest an appropriate pathway to resolve the dispute, you are under no obligation to follow that advice.

For more information or to contact Resolution Pathways, follow the link from the Feedback Centre or head directly to the Resolution Pathways website

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