Frank Rodi Takes The Mic: ADE, Music Recognition Technology and KUVO

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015

Dollars flow from dance floor to dance writers thanks to technology

APRA AMCOS is leading the charge to improve the distribution practices used by collecting societies to pay artists, if their music is played at nightclubs and dance music festivals. At the recent Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), we spoke about the role we’ve played in using more effective technological solutions such as Music Recognition Technology (MRT) via Dutch company DJ Monitor and Direct Metadata Extraction (DME) from devices such as Pioneer DJ’s KUVO.

Frank Rodi takes the micOver three years ago APRA AMCOS was the first collecting rights organisation in the world to start using MRT in nightclubs to enhance the identification of tracks being played. Last year it was the first to sign a deal with Pioneer DJ to trial their KUVO DME technology. Now APRA AMCOS will be the first collecting society in the world to start using KUVO metadata in its distributions, along with MRT data.

The main benefits of using these technologies is that more and more of the ‘long tail’ of alternative and underground artists will get paid, something that’s becoming more important as traditional revenues from the sale of music diminish.

Deputy Director of Writer Services, Frank Rodi, said, “With over 24,000 APRA AMCOS members that identify themselves as electronic and/or dance music writers this is a very important section of our membership.”

In noting the importance of engaging and educating members about registering their works, Frank said, “Irrespective of how great the technology is, if a song is not registered with APRA AMCOS, it's impossible to identify the copyright owner and who to pay!”

At ADE, APRA AMCOS was able to share its insights into the challenges faced getting the MRT project off the ground as part of a panel organised by the Association for Electronic Music (AEFM) for “Get Played, Get Paid” campaign. Mark Lawrence, CEO of AEFM, said, "Get Played, Get Paid is a global campaign for a global genre. AFEM views APRA AMCOS as our pioneering partner for electronic music, both leading and influencing their sister societies in the adoption of new technology to ensure royalties are paid accurately, not only in Australia but to the rest of the world.”

In the last two years alone, APRA AMCOS has seen the number of electronic and dance members grow by almost 50 per cent.

One of those members, Paul Brandoli (120 Publishing/Ministry of Sound Australia) agrees, “When artists like Skrillex successfully collaborate with Justin Bieber you can safely say dance music is pop. Also a whole new wave of dance producers and writers that aren't necessarily DJs or belong to a "scene" are now in the mix, in addition to an increasing DJ/Producer culture.”

“I think its great that Australia is the first country to use MRT/KUVO on such a level. This will really complement the current system, which has cultivated the local club scene for many years,” Paul said.

Dance artists and managers are encouraged to attend the Electronic Music Conference (EMC) in Sydney next month*. In it’s fourth year, the Connectivity theme has drawn experts from across the globe – such as Carl Cox and Gilles Peterson - to speak about the role technology and collaboration plays in electronic music. They will be joined by more than 50 other speakers including Ta-Ku, Tkay Maidza, Timmy Trumpet, KLP and the Meeting Tree.

Neil Ackland, co-founder of EMC, agreed the change is welcomed. He said, “We have seen an explosion of growth in this genre, and the Federal and State support of industry events like ours legitimises the professionalism of our industry, and the economic effect that 15 international talent buyers networking with our Australian EDM talent has on export growth. Australian EDM is really hot right now. Our artistic output is clearly seen on a global stage with the likes of Hermitude and Flume.”

*APRA AMCOS members are eligible for a $80 discount on tickets to EMC. Just quote your membership number to claim your $340 EMC Pro pass which entitles you to all keynotes, masterclasses, networking & EMCPlay (featuring Nicole Millar, Mashd N Kutcher, Porsches, Ribongia, LDRU and more).

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