New Promoted Music Events Scheme

Tuesday, 06 Oct 2015

An initiative to generate more festival and concert opportunities across the country will launch next year. APRA AMCOS and Live Performance Australia have shown their commitment to the festival and events performance stage with a new Promoted Music Event Scheme and Festivals Licence in 2016.

From 1 January 2016, all live and recorded box-office-driven music performances (for both headline and support acts) will fall under the same licence. The new deal sees the tariff moving from 1.5 per cent of box office to 2.0 per cent and at the same time the phasing out of the existing reporting/payment rebate by the beginning of 2018.

Separately, we’re also extending the reach of the Festival Licence. At present, only multi-day regional festivals are eligible for the Festival Licence which will, under the new scheme, include all music festivals that meet the new requirements.

All advertised outdoor festivals with a duration of more than eight hours and with a minimum six act, multi-headline line up will enjoy a lower percentage-based tariff licence rate than concerts, encouraging promoters to build bigger events and showcase more Australian talent to fans.

Recent Australian research conducted by the Live Music Office shows that festivals and concerts, part of the wider live music industry, contribute $15.7 billion dollars to Australia’s bottom line. For every dollar spent on live music, three dollars is returned to the local economy. Some 65,000 Australian full and part time jobs rely on a healthy live music industry. LPA’s Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey 2014 also shows Australia’s live performance industry is vibrant, contributing $1.51 billion in ticket sales to the Australian economy from 18.54 million tickets issued last year.

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