Tips of the Trade: Touring Light with Lior

Friday, 02 Oct 2015

‘Autumn Flow’ is one of the most successful independent debut releases in Australian music history and since its release, Lior has been a prolific performing and recording artist, with touring a particular passion.

“I generally travel with four guitars, a case for leads and a suitcase. In the past, like everyone else, I slogged those hard, heavy, knight-of-armor style gear cases around to avoid any damage,” Lior (meaning “I have light” in Hebrew) said, “and each flight came with a hefty excess luggage fee."

“I thought ‘surely musicians could get a better deal with the airlines?’ As an active member of APRA AMCOS since I started writing songs twenty years ago, I thought a letter to Virgin Australia and Qantas would be better coming from APRA rather than from me - and it did.

“Virgin Australia generously responded with an offer of up to 32kg weight limit for only $15 fee, where previously it was a lot more than that [in addition to the existing complimentary 32kg allowance for APRA AMCOS members.]

“Several years ago, a friend of mine pointed me to a much lighter option for cases – they’re very rigid but made of light and shock absorbent foam, which the baggage handlers seem to be more delicate with! Plus, the light cases keep me under the 32kg weight limit every trip," he said. 

Virgin Australia has issued special luggage allowances to hundreds of APRA AMCOS members since this benefit was introduced, saving members at least $20 per piece of luggage per flight.

For extra protection, APRA AMCOS now has a large FRAGILE sticker for your gear cases available to all members. You can obtain yours by emailing your Member Services representative or at the next member event we hold in your state.

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