Update to Tropscore 2015: New film & deadline

Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015

As you’re no doubt aware, the film originally selected for Tropscore 2015, Remote, was withdrawn from competition on September 25.

This decision was made in response to direct feedback from our songwriter members and after intense consultation at all levels of both APRA AMCOS and Tropfest.

For more information about this decision, please refer to our earlier statement.

As soon as the decision was made to withdraw the film, we immediately started a communication program – an email to those who had already entered, posts to our social media followers and a formal explanation on the APRA AMCOS website.

For those who had started or completed work on their entry with the original 8 October deadline in mind, we apologise unreservedly. We realise the composition process is an exhaustive one, both financially and creatively and that it is difficult to re-engage to start scoring on a new film.

For composers who have not yet entered or those who wish to re-enter, we have selected a new film for Tropscore 2015, Mirror, which was shortlisted in Tropfest 2014.

The new closing date for entries is 2 November, with the winner announced 3 December, 2015.

The entry process remains unchanged, go to the Tropfest website for more: www.tropfest.com/au/apra-tropscore

As always, you are welcome to provide feedback to our organisation.

Please note: we were unable to source the emails of those who downloaded the original film to start composing. If you have peers who had downloaded the original film, but had not yet entered, please forward them this information.


For more information, FAQs and Terms & Conditions, visit the Tropfest website tropfest.com/au/apra-tropscore

Any questions? Contact us at tropscore@apra.com.au or call + 61 (02) 9935 7743.

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