10 quick questions with new Ambassador Montaigne

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sydney based singer-songwriter, Jessica Cerro, better known as Montaigne, is the newest addition to the APRA AMCOS Ambassador program. This month Montaigne made her way around Australia on the Groovin The Moo tour, launched a podcast aptly titled Insane in the Montaigne, and found time to answer these questions.


I write best when
Something has destabilised my emotional wellbeing.

My favourite place to write is
On airplanes.

The song I wish I’d written was
No Cars Go by Arcade Fire.

The best lyric I’ve written is
Hard to single one out but I’ll leave this here: My thoughts, they were ripe/But there was no one to feed them to/Now they are fermenting/And my mind is heavy with neglected fruit/Show yourself/Show yourself, Shadow, I’m lonely/Show yourself/I don’t know how to take care of me, alone

The piece of gear I couldn’t do without is
My vocal cords.

I realised music was a full-time career when
I went on my first support tour with San Cisco, playing my EP songs.

The one thing I wish I knew when I first started writing music is
There are no rules.

Music is a powerful tool because
It affects the whole of your body and your mind and your spirit, it can make you do and feel things that nothing else can, it provides meaning in a seemingly meaningless world, and therefore, it saves.

Copyright is important because
In order for music to be made in this capitalist economy, income must be earned, and copyright ensures that several streams of income for artists are preserved.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because
I am proud of being an Australian artist, part of a community that is so bonded, collaborative, and generous, and being able to represent the body which keeps that community developing and thriving is a profound and flattering honour.

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