Australian and NZ Facebook users now covered by music licensing deal with APRA AMCOS

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

APRA AMCOS has finalised an agreement with the world’s largest social media service, Facebook, that will see Australian, New Zealand and international songwriters, composers and music publishers remunerated for the use of their music on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger.

APRA AMCOS’ deal with Facebook licenses the use of the millions of songs it represents in Australia and New Zealand including the songs of its 95,000 songwriter and publisher members. Facebook has a community of more than 2 billion people and continues to grow globally.

“We are delighted to be working with Facebook to ensure the creative content of our members and affiliates that is used on the platform is fairly remunerated,” said Dean Ormston, APRA AMCOS Chief Executive.

“This is a landmark deal not just for songwriters, composers and music publishers, it also provides the Australian and New Zealand public with peace of mind that music rights holders will be compensated for the use of their works on Facebook.”

“Whether it’s live music or digital, the sustainability of Australian and New Zealand music relies on our industry working in partnership with platforms like Facebook to support new developments in music consumption, ensure the public has access to great music and that music creators have a sustainable industry that supports their careers,” Mr Ormston said.

”We are excited to announce our partnership with APRA AMCOS. Music is an incredible source of expression and connection. We look forward to developing innovative ways to use music-related features to help people connect with each other, their communities and their favourite artists,” said Anjali Southward, Head of International Music Publishing Business Development.

Facebook users in Australia and New Zealand are now able to use music in a variety of exciting, creative and, importantly, legal ways. 

As part of the agreement, APRA AMCOS will be working with Facebook to help develop its rights reporting system. In the meantime, to ensure members benefit from the deal as soon as possible, the APRA and AMCOS Boards have approved a distribution practice that uses a mix of direct and analogous data (from other digital sources) until Facebook’s reporting system is fully implemented across their licensed platforms.

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