Just played a live stream on FB/IG/YT? Get paid.

Thursday, 27 Aug 2020

Live streaming gigs on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube during COVID-19? 

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Live streaming Performance Reports submissions close 2 October 2020
 Performances from October-December 2020 (paid next year) will open on Friday 9 October 2020.

Have you been live streaming gigs on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube during COVID-19? If so, you can claim these performances just as you would with your gigs around Australia and New Zealand.

This live streaming claim provides an interim solution to address the lack of live gigs possible during COVID-19. We already have licences in place with these platforms that allow you to live stream performances providing there is no charge to users. 

You'll need these details:

  • songs performed (including title and artist)
  • duration of stream, date, time of live stream
  • platform name and URL

Please note that any royalties payable will be subject to APRA AMCOS’ distribution policies. Royalties for reports submitted by the 2 October 2020 deadline will be paid in the November 2020 distribution.

As previously announced, we paid the annual live performance royalty for 'in-person' gigs early this year in May, using data from 2019 reports. That measure was taken to ensure royalties continued to flow to members during COVID-19.

As always, contact Writer Services with questions or if you need any assistance.

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