Sustainability Fund: 100 more recipients announced

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2020

(Photo: Jacinta Keefe)

Final round of successful applicants announced

100 more members receive $2,000 grant

Sustainability Fund puts total of $650,000 into members' pockets

Congratulations to the 100 songwriter and composer members across Australia, New Zealand and residing around the world who have received a Sustainability Fund grant of $2,000. 

These recipients join the 225 members announced in the first round of funding, with $450,000 dispersed. An additional $200,000 was made possible by the APRA Board following a tremendous response to the initial announcement. 

We received 2,470 applications total, a staggering number that illustrates the grave impact the COVID crisis is having on music creators and the wider industry. The grant can fund anything that enables members to continue to create and sustain their career development during this challenging time.

How did the money get distributed? Here is a breakdown:

  • 2,470 applicants
  • 325 successful applicants 
  • $625,000 total funding
  • Members identifying as female comprised 33% of overall applicants, and 43% of successful applicants

Career level, as advised by applicant:

Career level Applicants Recipients
Emerging 34.6% 17.4%
Mid-career 37.9%  47.2%
Established 27.5%  35.4%

Age, as advised by applicant:

Age range Applicants Recipients
15-24 12.4%  7.5%
25-34 40.9%  44.4%
35-44 25.4%  31.7%
45-54 12.9%  9.6%
55-64 6.5%  5.3%
65+ 1.9%  1.2%

Genre, as advised by applicant. Multiple genres could be selected.

Genre Applicants Recipients
Alternative 39.4% 38.8% 
Blues and Roots 20.9% 20.8% 
Children's Music 5.2%  7.8% 
Classical 11%  9.9%
Country 20.9%  17.4% 
Dance 15.5%  15.5%
Electronic 28.2% 26.1% 
Film/TV 13.6% 13%
Folk 30.2% 28.3% 
Hip Hop/Rap 12.5%  11.8% 
Jazz 16.6% 13.4% 
Metal/Heavy 6.1%  6.2% 
New Age 4.7%  3.7% 
Pop 45.2%  43.8% 
R & B/Soul 17.6%  15.2% 
Rock 36.1% 34.2%
World 12.2%  9.9%

The APRA Board, led by Chair Jenny Morris, created the initial $300,000 fund by combining contributions from Board Director's fees and from APRA AMCOS' Cultural Fund. A generous contribution from Charitable Giving Fund made 125 more grants possible. 

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office's Sustainability Funda project assisted by the Australian Government, will award another 50 grants of $2,000 to members. 

We are working to support members in a number of ways.

If you're experiencing a financial crisis, you're encouraged to apply for Support Act's Crisis ReliefIf your ability to work has been impacted by COVID and you are a musician, crew or music worker, you may be eligible.


Aaron Cupples (Civil Civic)
Acacia Pip Coates (Pinch Points)
Aidan Hogg
Alex Gibson
Aly Cook
Amanda Cole
Andy Garvey
Andrew Bevins (Monty Bevins)
Andrew Ford
Andrew Kent (You Am I)
Andrew Southwell (Portair/Trove)
Andrew Wilson (Die! Die! Die!)
Anna Lienhop (Moody Beaches)
Annie Hamilton
Annabel Alpers (Hamerkop)
Annabel Blackman (Body Type)
Ayla Scanlan (Ayla)
Ben Salter
Ben Andrews (MY DISCO)
Bonnie Stewart (Bonniesongs)
Brent Hunter (Ocean Grove)
Cameron Deyell
Charles Jenkins
Christopher Eaton (Round Mountain Girls)
Christopher Whitehall (The Griswolds)
Corey Legge
Dan Thorpe
Daniel Brown (The Amity Affliction)
Daniel Champagne
Danny Widdicombe
David Orr
David Thorpe (Li'l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine / Davey Backyard)
Derek F Smith
Donny Benét
Eddie Jacobson (Butterfingers / Evil Eddie / Spitfireliar)
Elizabeth Maniscalco (BRUX)
Elizabeth Scott (Pink Matter)
Emaline Delapaix
Erica Dunn (MOD CON/Palm Springs)
Erin Marshall (MARSHES)
Erin Crowley (Erin/Erinsphere/E.clips)
Evan Carydakis
Finnian Rees (Close Counters)
Gordon Koang
Grace Stephenson (Confidence Man)
Greg Churchill
Hannah Cameron
Hannah Karydas (Eves Karydas)
Hayley Foster (Tanzer)
Hendrik Wipprecht (A. Swayze & The Ghosts)
Isaiah Robert Brunt (Isaiah B Brunt)
James Smithers (Caravana Sun)
Jackie Bristow
Joanne Hadjia (Joey Djia)
Joel Birch (The Amity Affliction)
Jolyon Mulholland
Jon Lemmon
Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, ARSE)
Jonnine Davis (Jonnine Standish, HTRK)
Jordi Davieson (San Cisco)
June Lamb (June Jones)
Kirsty Tickle (Party Dozen / Exhibitionist)
Kylie Price
Lisa Crawley
Lucille Croft
Luke Byrne
Luke Morton (Morton Choppers)
Maisey Rika
Marc Lucchesi (Vaudeville Smash/ Dr Detroit)
Martin Friedel
Matthew Kirkis (kirkis)
Melinda Schneider
Melinda Kirwin
Michael Dable (Mickey Kojak)
Michael Harrison Katz (Harvey Sutherland)
Mick Daley (The Re-Mains | The Corporate Raiders)
Miriam Lieberman
Natasha Jane Hardiman (Gypsy Soul/Gypsy Soldiers)
Nick Knox
Olivia Bartley (Olympia)
Phil Usher (Sacred Shrines / The Happy Mediums / Hillsborough / Sounds Like Sunset)
Reuben Lewis (I Hold the Lion's Paw)
Richard Glover (Kings and Queens)
Richard Morris (Rikki Morris)
Rohin Brown (The Walking Who, Dope Lemon, Angus and Julia Stone)
Ross Stuart Ward (The Defenders, Wards Xpress, Ross Ward)
Samual Hales (The Jungle Giants & Confidence Man)
Samuel Bassal (Ocean Grove)
Sarah Gurry (Star Horse/Bad Penguins/October Wish/King Louie)
Scarlett Stevens (San Cisco)
Scott Andrew Bird
Sean Conran (Obscura Hail)
spike vincent
Tarek James Smallman (T-Rek / Tarek Smallman)
Tim Shiel
Tim Steward (Screamfeeder)
Timothy Maxwell (LOSER)
Tullara Misty Eloisa Connors(Tullara)
Tyrone Noonan
Wallace Gollan (Wallace)

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