Creative Recovery Fund grant recipients announced

Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020

Congratulations to the recipients of Creative Recovery Fund grants, we applaud all 190 successful applicants!

The Creative Recovery Fund's aim is to provide a financial contribution to our songwriters and composer members to support the creation of new works and the development of new projects. 

  • 190 one-time grants of $1,000 AUD available
  • 1,662 eligible applications were received
  • Creative Recovery Fund financially supports new works and new project development
  • Applications were reviewed by external assessors

COVID-19 has caused widespread economic devastation to the Australian and New Zealand music sectors, and we wholeheartedly thank all 1,662 eligible applicants who took the time to submit an application and share their story.

As an organisation we are acutely aware of the stress and uncertainty that so many of you are currently feeling in this year of pandemic, natural disaster, economic turbulence and transformational social change. The Creative Recovery Fund was launched to provide assistance during this challenging time and it's gratifying to see how much incredible creative work is being undertaken.

Please remember that you can claim royalties for Australian or New Zealand based live performances of your works, streamed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Submit reports by 31 January 2021 for performances taking place by 31 December 2020.

And, if you're experiencing a financial crisis, you're encouraged to apply for Support Act's Crisis Relief. If your ability to work has been impacted by COVID and you are a musician, crew or music worker, you may be eligible.

Applicant insights

Members identifying as female comprised 28.6% of overall applicants, and 42.1% of successful applicants

Career level, as advised by applicant:

Career level Applicants Recipients
Emerging 44.2% 35.8%
Mid-career 32.2% 37.4%
Established 23.5%  26.8%

Age, as advised by applicant:

Age range Applicants Recipients
15-24 11.4% 6.3%
25-34 39.8% 48.4%
35-44 25.5%  28.4% 
45-54 12.3% 9.5%
55-64 8.5%  5.8%
65+ 2.5% 1.6%
65+ 2.5% 1.6%

Cultural Identity, as advised by applicant:

Cultural Identity (may include multiple identities) Applicants Recipients
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander 1.8% 3.2%
Māori 2.2% 2.1%
Pasifika 1.6% 1.6%
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse 11.7%  11.1%
None of the above 84.1%  87.4%

Genre, as advised by applicant. Multiple genres could be selected.

Genre Applicants Recipients
Alternative, Metal, Heavy 16.4% 20.0%
Folk, Country, Blues and Roots, Singer-Songwriter 24.7% 13.7% 
Children's Music 1.7%  2.1% 
Classical 3.5% 8.4%
Comedy 0.3% 0%
Dance, Electronic 12.5%  8.4%
Hip Hop/Rap 3.2% 2.6%
Inter-cultural 2.2% 2.1%
Jazz 3.7%  5.3%
Musical Theatre 1.0%  1.6%
New Age 0.8% 0.5% 
Pop 12.4% 15.8% 
R&B, Soul 3.0% 5.3% 
Reggae 0.8% 0%
Rock 11.3% 11.1%
Screen 2.4%  1.6%

Creative Recovery Fund recipients

Adalita Srsen
Ai Yamamoto
Aidan Moore (Confidence Man)
Ainsley Farrell
Airileke Ingram (Sorong Samarai)
Alan Boyle (Blues Arcadia)
Alastair McGrath-Kerr (Panorama Brasil)
Alex Wilson (sleepmakeswaves)
Alexander Gow (Oh Mercy / Perfect Moment)
Alexandra Spence
Allen Kedea (AKay47)
Amy Nelson (Little Green)
Andrée Greenwell
Andrew Kitchen (Antiskeptic)
Angela Paez Izquierdo (ANGE)
Angus Crawford (The Montreals)
Anne Cawrse
Anne M Norman
Barney McAll
Benjamin Gordon (Parkway Drive)
Bianca Oechsle (Bianca)
Bradford Pinto
Biddy Connor
Brooke Azzopardi (BROOKLXN)
Brooke Toia (Penny Pariah)
Cameron Butler
Carlos Andres Arango (CUMBIAMUFFIN)
Carolyn Hawkins (Parsnip)
Carolyn Schofield (Fia Fiell)
Catherine Britt
Celeste Aldahn (Nylex)
Charles Looker (Aro)
Chaskiel Gawenda (Husky)
Chiara Costanza (Chiara Kickdrum)
Chris McNulty
Chris Altmann
Christopher Luder
Christopher O'Dea (O'Dear it's O'Dea)
Christopher Vizard
Claudia Gunn
Clovis McEvoy
Colin Black
Cosima Pay (Jaala)
Daniel Liam McGorry (Ex-Olympian)
Daniel Florian (SODF)
Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts / Danial / Sebastien Tellier / DeepFaith)
Daniel White (Blue Child Collective)
Danny Omerhodic (Swick)
David Dower
David Mudie (L.A. Mood)
David Western
Declan Shrubb (Pleased to Jive You)
Delali Zevon-Aniakwah (VOLTA)
Derek Christopher Wilson (King Luan)
Dylan Crismani
Dylan Ollivierre (The Money War)
Edward Boyd (Human Noise)
Elizabeth M Drummond
Emily Harrison (Lincoln)
Emily Rice (Aro)
Emma Davis
Emma Russack
Estere Bahebeck Dalton (Estère)
Fletcher Babb (Cold Ghost)
Fletcher Ehlers (SLUMBERJACK)
Flora Carbo
Gabriella Pansini (Stellie)
Gajan Maheson (The Cuddly Koalas)
George Hewitt (Cleopold)
Georgia Flipo (G Flip)
Georgia McDonald (Georgia Maq)
Georgia Wilkinson-Derums
Glenn Richards
Guy Langford
Hannah Acfield
Hannah Campbell
Hannah Maria Macklin (Laik)
Hayley De Pledge (Harper Bloom)
Jake Charles Robertson (Alien Nosejob)
James Heathwood (Bronte Public House)
James Iheakanwa (B Wise)
James O'Brien (Darling James)
James Orr (Fixed Error)
Jason Spencer (Jay R/Snake Bite Whisky)
Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical)
Jay O'Shea (O'SHEA)
Jeffrey Ling (Parkway Drive)
Jerry Agbinya (IJALE)
Jess Ribeiro
Jia O’Connor (Parkway drive)
Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt)
Johnny Mackay (Children Collide / Fascinator)
Johnson-Jay Medwik-Daley
Jordan Leonard (Boulevarde)
Jordan Tarento
josef john w peters (jj / deez nuts / i killed the prom queen)
Josef Pabis (Sputnik Sweetheart)
Joseph Agius (RINSE / Hatchie / The Creases)
Joseph Geyer (Grand Astro)
Joe Torre
Josten Myburgh
Juliana Kay
Justin Fermino (Cope Street Parade)
justin snowball (Wons Phreely)
Kalju Tonuma
Kate Reid (Sydney Chamber Choir)
Katherine Wighton (KIT)
Kaylene Milner (Loose Fit)
Kim Gamaroff
Lachlan Nicolson (Pluto Jonze)
Laura Hill (Lilac Cove)
Laura Murphy
Leah Curtis
Liam Gerner
Liam Heath Dargaville (Dbldbl)
Lisa Lerkenfeldt
Luke Daniel Godson (Luke Million)
Luke Fabila (Rosie and The Quest)
Madeline Crabtree (Muki)
Madeline Leman (Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells)
Marc Peckham (Monkey Marc)
Mark Monnone (Monnone Alone)
Mark William Tinson
Mark Zito (Fractures)
Mathew Hooler (Key Hoo)
Matthew Gurry (Belle Roscoe)
Matthew Lim (Muxy)
Megan Bernard
Megan Lipworth (Tiptoe Giants)
Mia Dyson
Michael Spiby
Michelle Nelson
Naomi Ludlow (Ny Oh)
Nat Bartsch
Nick Finch (HUMANS / Cash Savage & The Last Drinks / Graveyard Train / Nick Finch)
Nicholas Martyn (Las Mar)
Nick Calligeros (SOFT SPOT)
Nicole Katherine Brady
Nicole Millar
Nienke Berghuis (Nienke)
Nina Wilson (Ninajirachi)
Noel Sellars (Ashton Sellars)
Noemi Liba Friedman
Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows)
Paul Stanhope
Paul Stewart (Painters And Dockers)
Peter McNamara
Phil Bennett
Quentin Grant
Rafael Karlen
Rajiv Jayaweera
Richard Cartwright (Richard In Your Mind)
Robyn Martin (The New Graces)
Rory McPike (Rings Around Saturn)
Ryan Downey
Ryan Johnson (River Boy)
Sage Fuller (Sage)
Sahara Beck
Sally Greenaway
Sam Windley
Sam Marks
Samuel Ross Kuzich (Kuzich)
Sarah Mary Chadwick
Sean Tinnion
Shannon Busch (WILSN)
Simeon Bartholomew (SEIMS)
Simon Walters
SINCLAIR LUKE OWEN (The Luke Sinclair Set)
Sophie Hanlon (Trophie)
Stella Mozgawa
Steven Noel Farmer (Katie Dey)
Suzie Stapleton
Taylah Carroll
Thomas Iansek (#1 Dads)
Thomas Isbister
Thomas Meadowcroft
Tom West
Timothy Charles Thomas Cole (Small Island Big Song)
Tom Hogan
Tom Montesi (LOS LEO)
Toni Swain
Tori Zietsch (Maple Glider)
Tornina lulu Torres (Matalja)
Travis Collins
Upile Daniel Mkoka (Weathered)
Vanessa Perica
Vicki Larnach
Vonda Last
William Gardiner

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