Get serious about songwriting with our new Guide for Music Managers and Self-Managed Musicians

Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020

Get the Guide (PDF)

New year, new you? That can be entirely too ambitious, so how about you start with getting a bit more serious about the business side of songwriting? The basics of copyright, songwriting splits, band agreements, submitting performance reports, earning royalties overseas and so on.

Still too ambitious? Not sure where to start? Not to worry. We have recently published a handy booklet that covers the key areas of song and composition copyright, how APRA AMCOS helps music creators get paid for their work, an overview of our initiatives and programs and how to make the most of your songwriting and composing pursuits. 

The loftily titled APRA AMCOS: A Guide for Music Managers and Self-Managed Musicians (PDF) is available for you to peruse or come back to for reference when needed. You can also grab a guide at the upcoming round of Meet the Locals (dates coming soon!) or other year-round member events, or drop us an email if you'd like one posted to you.

And if you are looking for other kinds of inspiration, have a look back at some of our recent tips pieces.

Here's to a new year of songwriting and composing!

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