Sustainability Fund recipients and more grant money for members

Monday, 29 Jun 2020

Sustainability Fund recipients and more money announced

  • 2,470 applications for initial $300,000 funding pool
  • 225 songwriter and composer members announced as recipients of $2,000 grant, thanks to a boost in funding from Charitable Giving Fund
  • PLUS, a second round of $200,000 for the Sustainability Fund 
  • Unsuccessful applicants need not do anything - you will be considered for the next round of funding

Just announced: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office Sustainability Fund

Following a tremendous response, with 2,470 applications received for the Sustainability Fund, 225 successful applicants will receive the $2,000 grant before the close of the financial year.

The initial funding pool of $300,000, drawn from the APRA Board’s decision to reduce their Director’s fees and a contribution from APRA AMCOS’ cultural fund, was given a boost with a generous contribution from Charitable Giving Fund.

And, the Sustainability Fund lives on, with an additional $200,000 made possible by the APRA Board, to be granted in August. 100 recipients will be allocated from the current applicant pool.

If you applied and were not successful, you will be considered and do not need to take further action.

Songwriter and composer members from all genres and career stages shared first-hand accounts of how the COVID-19 crisis directly affected livelihoods and career plans. The cancellation and postponement of concerts, festivals and local and international tours meant that crucial income disappeared, delaying the ability to fund creative work like recording sessions and album publicity, and in many instances put a financial strain on being able to pay for rent and groceries.

The Sustainability Fund is an initiative led by APRA Board Chair Jenny Morris and her board colleagues in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund's aim is to provide ongoing support that allows our members to continue to create new work and is open to external contributions by third parties wanting to support the long term careers of music creators. Those interested can contact to find out how to get involved.

We continue to support and advocate on behalf of our members so you can continue to create.

And, a reminder that applications are open for Support Act's Crisis Relief GrantIf your ability to work has been impacted by COVID-19 and you are a musician, crew or music worker, you may be eligible to apply.

Congrats to our members from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. 

Abby Dobson
Adam Briggs (Briggs)
Áine Tyrrell
Ainslie Wills
Aldwyn (Alvin) Rostant (Jahbutu)
Alex Hosking
Alex Lahey
Alex Wildwood
Alexander Burnett
Alexander George Laska (KINGSWOOD)
Alexandra Lynn (Alex the Astronaut)
Amber Lawrence
Andre Manella (Sonic Delusion)
Andy Bull
Andy Salvanos
Anna Scionti
Anthony Lawson Caruso (Hellions)
Anthony Snape
Arapekanga Hayden Adams-Tamatea (L.A.B)
Asha Jefferies
Augusta Larkin (Mermaidens / Earth Tongue)
Aviva Endean
Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands, Kardajala Kirridarra)
Bec Sandridge
Benjamin Skepper
Benjamin Stewart (Slowly Slowly)
Bhekimpilo Mkwananzi (True Vibenation / Moody)
Blain Cunneen
Bobby Alu
Brendan Maclean
Brendon Boney (The Magpie Swoop / Microwave Jenny)
Briannah (Oh Harlow)
Candice Lorrae Lloyd (The Merindas)
Carisa Bianca Mellado (Night Tongue)
Carla Geneve
Casey Barnes
Cash Savage
Chelsea Wilson
Chitra Ridwan
Chris Dent (Albi & The Wolves)
Chris Lam Sam (The Funky Monkeys)
Christopher Marshall
Claire Cowan
Claire Rayner (Rromarin / Kult Kyss)
Corey Webster (Nooky)
Corin Ileto (CORIN)
Dallas Frasca
Dallas Tamaira (Joe Dukie / Fat Freddy's Drop)
Damien Lane
Dan Sultan
Daniel Harley (The Kite String Tangle)
Dave Crowe (Resin Moon)
Dave Graney
David Donaldson (Plan 9)
Deena Lynch (Jaguar Jonze)
Delaney Davidson
Dick Johnson (Magik J / Clicks / Weird Together)
Dylan Lardelli
Dylan Joel
Edward Beckley (Lower Spectrum, Ned Beckley, Beckley & Hogan)
EJ Worland
Eleea Navarro (ELEEA)
Eliza Klatt (Eliza & The Delusionals)
Elizabeth Stokes (The Beths)
Elle Graham (Woodes)
Em-Haley Walker (Theia)
Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange)
Emily Wurramara
Erkki Veltheim
Evan Klar
Ezra Simons (Earth Tongue)
Fanny Lumsden
Finn Andrews
Fiona Boyes 
Gabriel Everett (Foley)
Garrett Kato
Gelareh Pour (Gelareh Pour's Garden)
Gena Rose Bruce
Georgia Mooney (Georgia Mooney & All Our Exes Live in Texas)
Georgia Potter (Moreton)
Grace Hughes (Yorke)
Hannah Crofts (All Our Exes Live In Texas)
Harry Edwards
Haydn Green (Shady Nasty)
Hayley Jensen
Helen Ashworth (Majelen)
Hiriini Stuart Kora (L.A.B)
Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins)
Holly Arrowsmith
Imogen Clark
Isabella Manfredi
Isobel De Leon (Pink Matter)
Jade Macrae
Jake Laderman (Clowns)
Jake Savona (Mista Savona)
James Desmond Reid (Step It Up / Des Reid / Paso Arriba)
James Rushford
Jamie Cleaves (Tumbleweed / Escarpment)
Jasmin Leung
Jasmine Rae
Jeff Lang
Jenny Mitchell
Jeremy Redmore
Jess Beck (Pirra)
Jess Cornelius
Jessica Hansell (Coco Solid)
Jessica Hitchcock
Jessica Koroi (Jesswar)
Jessica Paige
Jessie Lloyd
Jodi Phillis
Joel Ma (Joelistics)
John-Henry Pajak (Polish Club)
Jordan Brady (Winterbourne)
Josh Pyke
Joshua Burgess (Yumi Zouma)
Judi Cranston
Julia Deans
Julia Jacklin
Julia Wylie (Julia Why?)
Karoline Tamati (Ladi6)
Kaurna Cronin
Kaylee Bell
Kendall Todd (Kendall Elise and The Belgraves)
Kerryn Fields
Kim Bowers (Busty Beatz/Hot Brown Honey)
Kim Churchill
Kira Puru
Kirsty Lee Akers
Kristen Lee Morris
Kristy Lee Peters (KLP)
Leah Senior
Leanne Tennant
Leigh Ryan (Plutonic Lab)
Leisha Jungalwalla (This Way North)
Lior Attar
Lisa Cheney
Liz Stringer
Lloyd Saunders
Louis Baker
Luke Caruana (Caravana Sun)
Luke Daniel Peacock
Luke Styles
Lydia Fairhall (Lydia Fairhall and The She Oaks)
Maaike Lebbing (Kito)
Mabel Windred-Wornes (Charm of Finches)
Madeleine Jane Woolley (Maddy Jane)
Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House)
Mark Olsen (Olsen/Double Touch)
Mark Perkins (Merk)
Marlon Williams
Matt Grant M Cornell
Matthew Hadley
Matthew Preen (Great Gable)
Michael Ansell (Northeast Party House)
Michael Ben Hoosen (Bmike)
Michael Creswell Dooley
Michael Harvey
Midnight Youth
Mike Elrington
Mike John Newport
Mona Sanei (CHAII)
Moutaiz Al-Obaidi (Motez)
Myele Manzanza
Nadia Reid
Natasha Shanks (The Little Lord Street Band)
Nathan Bird (BIRDZ)
Nick Wales
Nicole Murphy
Nigel Wearne
Nina Dozzi
Nina Las Vegas
Noah Dillon
Oliver Packard (Northeast Party House)
Olympia Henshaw (MOOKHI)
Oren Ambarchi
Oscar Slorach-Thorn (Oscar Key Sung)
Patrick Pierce (Pierce Brothers)
Paul Dempsey
Paul Doust
Peter Ruddell (Sulfate / Wax Chattels)
Phoebe Taylor (Bitch Diesel / Venetian Blinds)
Rae Howell (Sunwrae)
Rebecca Chilcott (Ruby Boots)
Richard Barwell (Captain Festus McBoyle)
Riley Pearce
Robert K Champion
Rob Ruha
Sam Bartells
Samantha Poxon (The McClymonts)
Sampa Tembo (Sampa The Great)
Samuel Cromack (Ball Park Music)
Samuel Gaskin
Samuel Jack Nicholson (Quivers)
Sarah Blasko
Sean Congues (Northeast Party House)
Sean Oboyle
Seth Haapu
Shaun Kirk
Shoeb Ahmad
Simon Oscroft
Sinead Burgess
Sophie Payten (Gordi)
Stella Donnelly
Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl)
Tasman Keith Jarrett (Tasman Keith)
Te Karehana Toi (TEEKS)
Tessa Nuku (Tessa Thames / Microwave Jenny)
Tessa Robinson (Tessa Devine)
Thandi Phoenix
Thomas Oliver
Tia Gostelow
Tracey Barnett
Tristan Barton
Troy Cassar-Daley
Tyler Brown (T Breezy)
Vulindlela Mkwananzi (True Vibenation and VULI)
William Henderson
Zackary Blain (A. Swayze & The Ghosts)

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