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Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020

Concert halls are silent, production houses are closed. How can we help Australian music and screen creators during COVID-19 and ensure a future for #AussieMade stories?

Australia’s music and screen production industries announced the start of the AUSSIE MADE campaign starting from April to help support the local music and screen industries while at the same time capturing the imagination of more Australians as they ‘self-isolate’ during the COVID-19 shutdown.

APRA AMCOS, ARIA and Screen Producers Australia (SPA) are united behind local artists, songwriters and production businesses in these difficult and unprecedented times. Australian music and screen content on broadcast and streaming services has a key role to play as the community adheres to advice to stay home. People will be turning to their TVs, radios and digital devices to keep themselves entertained, informed and connected.

“Broadcasters and digital platforms have a huge opportunity to build on Australia’s appetite for local content by exposing them to even more Australian music and screen content, ensuring that people can find it easily,” said Dean Ormston, CEO APRA AMCOS. “The depth of talent in our music and screen industries is already capturing the imagination of people around the world. By further promoting AUSSIE MADE, even more Australians can fall in love with the great Aussie content making its way around the globe.”

“With everyone at home, now is the time for all Australians to get behind our local artists and screen professionals” said Dan Rosen, CEO ARIA. “Like so many people around the country, artists and people that work in these sectors are facing a period of unemployment and uncertainty. Already thousands of live events and gigs have been cancelled and screen productions have been shut down. We have the opportunity to show we are behind them and ensure that income and support keep flowing to Australia’s vulnerable creative community.”

“Australian content has the ability to bring people together during this crisis, provide comfort and a strong sense of community,” said Matthew Deaner, CEO of Screen Producers Australia. “With AUSSIE MADE there’s a huge opportunity for Australians all around the country to renew their love of Australian music, tv shows and movies.”

APRA AMCOS, ARIA and SPA strongly encourage all services to get behind the local industry and deliver and promote the content that will connect Australians with each other in this time of significant dislocation.

Whilst there may be some disruptions to the availability of new Australian content and music, Australia has a wealth of high quality, culturally significant content to draw upon. This period of uncertainty means that Australians have much more time to rediscover the amazing depth of talent that has been creating and producing some of the best music, television and movies in the world - let’s make sure it’s curated so that it’s easier to find and enjoy.

Help share the message on your socials

Grab the Aussie Made logo and share on your networks, suggested copy:

Keep creators creating. Request, share and support #AussieMade music and screen content.

Want to support your favourite Aussie music artists right now? Simply make a request to radio, share a song or playlist, tell curators that you want to hear #AussieMade music.

Concert halls are silent, your favourite pub is closed. How can you help Aussie musos during COVID-19? Simply make a request, share a song, tell curators that you want to hear and watch #AussieMade music. Let’s keep creators creating and ensure #AussieMade music has a bright future.

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