Live performance report royalties to be paid early

Friday, 27 Mar 2020

Keeping the royalties flowing to members

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted our 103,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members in myriad ways. We are here to support our members and ensure that the royalties will continue to flow without interruption during this time. 

There is one important change however:

We’re paying your live performance royalties early this year. 


We will make this royalty payment to you in the May distribution, instead of the November distribution.

To fast track the payment, we need to alter the live performance reports process this year.

For members who submitted 2019 performance reports, and were paid in the November 2019 distribution, we will use the same data to pay you this May, rather than in November. You do not need to submit anything, we already have enough detail to pay you in May. 

For members who didn't submit reports, or get a live performance payment in November last year (including members who have already submitted reports since July), you should contact Member Services on as soon as possible, and we’ll discuss your options.

“We know we need to get money into the pockets of our members quickly and efficiently – we distribute domestic royalties quarterly and royalties coming in from overseas on a monthly rolling basis – effectively 16 distributions per year. Our commitment to this will not change," said Chief Executive Dean Ormston.

The music industry and wider arts sector are hurting. In addition to bringing forward live performance royalties and ensuring royalties are distributed to members as quickly as possible we are also campaigning for local content support, reducing business costs and advocating to government for urgent support. 

We are advocating for local content across all media – radio, screen, audio and video-on-demand streaming services. All of these platforms are critical to supporting Aussie and Kiwi music creators irrespective of genre, generation or demographic in both the immediate and long term.  

“APRA AMCOS is not immune to the impacts of the crisis. We are looking at cutting costs across the business while not compromising our commitment to our members – getting more money to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“We are working with our sector colleagues, not just across the music sector, but also the broader cultural and creative industries to advocate to government for urgent financial assistance for both individuals and the breadth of businesses vital to the contemporary music industry ecosystem.”

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