Tones And I wins International Song Comp, leading the Aussie and Kiwi pack

Friday, 08 May 2020

(Tones And I at APRA AMCOS in February - Photo: Maya Luana)

Congratulations to Tones And I for winning the International Songwriting Competition's Grand Prize, the comp's highest honour, for her global hit 'Dance Monkey.' She led a spectacular charge for songwriters from Australia, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands, with Australia finishing with the most winners following the US.

“It’s hard to imagine that Aussie songwriters can perform better every subsequent year in ISC, but somehow they do. This year they surpassed our expectations, and their skill and artistry is of the very best kind,” said Candace Avery, the Founder and Director of ISC.

The full list below accounts for Tones' Grand Prize, four First Places, six Second Places, seven Third Places, and an incredible 51 Honorable Mentions.

Since its release in May 2019, 'Dance Monkey' has reached #1 in 30 countries; amassed more than seven billion streams; became the highest streamed song ever by a female artist on Spotify and the most Shazamed song of all time; and is now the longest ever running #1 song on the Spotify global charts. Tones was welcomed to The 1,000,000,000 List earlier in the year and is nominated for four APRA Music Awards

“My life has been a rollercoaster since releasing this song, and to get this recognition is an honour,” said Tones  ”I wrote this song on my own and for my friends, and I never imagined it would have become as big as it has. Thank you so much, I’m very proud to have written this song.”

Tones joins Vance Joy, Gotye and Kimbra as previous Grand Prize winners hailing from the region.

Fellow top finishers for 2019 ISC include four first place category winners: 

AAA - The Teskey Brothers - So Caught Up (Songwriters: Josh Teskey, Sam Teskey, Brendon Love, Liam Gough)

Christian - The Sations - Floodgates (Songwriters: Rachel Wilson, Dominic Schryvers, Laura Schryvers)

Comedy - Sammy J - Pink Clouds (Songwriter: Sam Jonathan McMillan)

And Tkay Maidza for her unreleased track 'Shook' co-written with Dan Farber.

The People's Voice prize went Harry Cleverdon of Young, NSW for "Hit Me While I'm Down."

ISC has the full list of winners and songs streaming here.

Australian, New Zealand and Solomon Islands honourees:


"Dance Monkey" - Tones And I


AAA (Adult Album Alternative) “So Caught Up” – Josh Teskey, Sam Teskey, Brendon Love, Liam Gough (The Teskey Borthers) – Warrandyte, VIC, Australia

Christian "Floodgates" –  Rachel Wilson, Dominic Schryvers, Laura Schryvers (The Sations) –  Auckland, New Zealand

Comedy/Novelty “Pink Clouds” – Sam Jonathan McMillan (Sammy J) – Northcote, VIC, Australia

R&B/Hip Hop “Shook” – Takudzwa Maidza, Dan Farber (Tkay Maidza) – Westlakes, SA, Australia


Country "Keith" Kaylee Bell, Phil Barton, Lindsay Rimes (Kaylee Bell) – Auckland, New Zealand

Folk/Singer-Songwriter “Better In Blak” – Thelma Plum, Alexander Burnett (Thelma Plum) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Teen “Crushed” – Sophia Chesworth – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Unpublished “Queen Of Hearts” – Sahara Beck, Tony Buchen (Sahara Beck) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Unsigned Only “Stranger” – Rebecca Sandridge, Oscar Dawson (Bec Sandridge) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

World "Karma Of The Butterfly Effect" – Kirwan Hatigeva, James Moore (JAHBOY) 
Honiara, Solomon Islands


Americana “See Another Day” – Simon Rudston-Brown, Melinda Kirwin (Falls) – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Children's Music “Waiting For A Bus” – Luke Escombe (The Vegetable Plot) – Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Music Video “Lies” – Mabel Windred-Wornes, Ivy Windred-Wornes (Charm Of Finches) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Pop/Top 40 “Charles And Jane” – Ivy-Jane Browne – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Pop/Top 40 “Thought I Could” – Grace Hughes, Andrew Hopkins (Yorke) – Bangalow, NSW, Australia 

Unpublished "Not Your Princess" – Em-Haley Walker, Liam Quinn (Theia) – Auckland, New Zealand

Unsigned Only “Girl Is A Gun” – Sophie Curtis, Robby Desa, Isabella Kearney-Nurse (ASTON) – Glenning Valley, NSW, Australia


AAA (Adult Album Alternative) “All My Love “ – Max O'Sullivan (MAXO) – Canberra, ACT, Australia 

AAA (Adult Album Alternative) “Bring It On” – Glenn Cardier – Sydney, NSW, Australia

AAA (Adult Album Alternative) “Queen Of Hearts” – Sahara Beck, Tony Buchen – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

AAA (Adult Album Alternative) “Rain” – Josh Teskey, Sam Teskey, Liam Gough, Brendon Love (The Teskey Brothers) Warrandyte, VIC, Australia 

AC (Adult Contemporary) “Light It Up“ – Max O'Sullivan (MAXO) – Canberra, ACT, Australia

AC (Adult Contemporary) “Shades” – Luke Bertoz, Simon Widauer (Tales In Space) – Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Americana “Restless One” – Glenn Cardier – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Americana "Worst Crime" –  Jamie McDell, Nash Chambers, Phil Barton (Jamie McDell Ft. Robert Ellis) – Auckland, New Zealand

Blues "One Evil Man" – Darren Watson (Darren Watson) – Wellington, New Zealand

Blues “Trouble In My Head” – Anna Scionti – North Fitzroy, VIC, Australia 

Children's Music "Magic In Me" –  Kath Bee, Luke Epapara, Ryan Beehre (Kath Bee Ft. Mika & Kurnel MC) – Auckland, New Zealand

Children’s Music “Mr. Potato” – Luke Escombe (The Vegetable Plot) – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Children's Music "Toothless" – Craig Smith (Craig Smith) – Queenstown, New Zealand

Christian "Up” – Jared Porter, Josh Smith (Citipointe Worship) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

Comedy/Novelty “Chubby Love?” – Ngoc Tuan Hoang (Dave?) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia  

Comedy/Novelty “Short People” – Susi Prendergast, Jude Bridge (The Additives) – Perth, WA, Australia

Comedy/Novelty “The Turbulence Of Flatulence” – Mason Clarke – Perth, WA, Australia 

Country “Bumps And Bruises” – Lee Bowman, Paula, Bowman, Julian Sammut (Jetty Road) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Country “Johnnie, Jim & Jack'd” – Vanessa Selwyn, James Hoppe – Thurgoona, NSW, Australia

Folk/Singer-Songwriter “Anew” – Ryan Henderson, Matthew Carins (Hollow Coves) Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Folk/Singer-Songwriter "Eyes of a Child" –  Levi Sesega (Levi Lights On Project) Auckland, New Zealand

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) “Bleed Sunlight Ft. DLake” – Shane Burgess, DLake (Shane Burgess) – Goulburn, NSW, Australia

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) “Heavy Hearted” – Sam Hales (The Jungle Giants) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) “Rite Next To U” – Georgie Read (Georgieboiibeatzz ) – Perth, WA, Australia 

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) “Stars Like Us” – Elina Godwin, Alexandra Nicholas (Xanza) – Sydney, NSW, Australia

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) “Way Back Down” – Ryan Dobbrick, Stuart Stuart (du0) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

Lyrics Only “Dirty Shane” – Tiimo (Shane Timmo) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Music Video “Queen Of Hearts” – Sahara Beck, Tony Buchen – Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

Music Video “Stranger” – Rebecca Sandridge, Oscar Dawson (Bec Sandridge) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Music Video “Treading Water” – Danny Hacket, Elisha Apurado (ELI DAN) ­– Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Music Video “Ur A Piece Of Shit” – Ali Barter, Oscar Dawson – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

The People's Voice "Hit Me While I'm Down"  Harry Cleverdon – Young, NSW, Australia

Performance “Crystalline” – Rhia – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Performance “Queen Of Hearts” – Sahara Beck, Tony Buchen – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Performance "Version of Me" – Kimbra Johnson, Ethan Gruska, Tony Berg (Kimbra) Hamilton, New Zealand

Pop/Top 40 “Animals” – Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde – Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Pop/Top 40 “Can't Turn It Off” – Seb Mont Holdinghausen, Janeva, Alex LiRosi (Seb Mont) – St.Kilda, VIC, Australia

Pop/Top 40 “Girl Is A Gun” – Sophie Curtis, Robby Desa, Isabella Kearney-Nurse (ASTON) – Glenning Valley, NSW, Australia

Pop/Top 40 “Not Your Princess” – Em-Haley Walker, Liam Quinn (Theia) – Auckland, New Zealand

Pop/Top 40 “Oats And Honey” – Takudzwa Maidza, Dan Farber, Autumn Rowe (Tkay Maidza) – Westlakes, SA, Australia 

Pop/Top 40 “Sick Of Loving You” – Anna Buckingham, Liam Quinn (BOI) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

R&B/Hip-Hop “Overdue” – Matt Cicero, Nic Martin, Rudy Sandapa (Ojikae) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Rock “Better Know Better” – William Tom (Tomtom) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

Rock “Hollywood” – Lily Richardson (CLEWS) – Sydney, NSW, Australia 

Rock “Teach Me About Dying” – Timothy Carroll, Oscar Dawson, Ryan Strathie (HOLY HOLY) – Wollongong, VIC, Australia 

Teen “Be You” – Angus Brill Reed – Adelaide, SA, Australia 

Teen “Poison” – Cody Jon – Burraneer Bay, NSW, Australia

Teen “Self Love” – Violeta Bozanic – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Unpublished “Hit Me While I'm Down” – Harry Cleverdon – Young, NSW, Australia 

Unsigned Only “Charles And Jane” – Ivy-Jane Browne – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Unsigned Only “Hit Me While I'm Down” – Harry Cleverdon – Young, NSW, Australia 

Unsigned Only “Shades” – Luke Bertoz, Simon Widauer (Tales In Space) – Sydney, NSW, Australia



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