2020 Screen Music Awards nominees announced

Thursday, 29 Oct 2020

Bold music from groundbreaking productions including Unorthodox, The Secret She Keeps, Stateless and Bluey. 

Antonio Gambale, Antony Partos, Jed Kurzel, Bryony Marks, Amanda Brown, Michael Yezerski and more get musical nods.

APRA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) are thrilled to announce the nominees for the 2020 Screen Music Awards.
The awards, which will be streamed online as a YouTube Premiere on Tuesday 1 December from 7:00pm AEDT, feature 46 nominees who have contributed to 36 works across 12 categories including documentary, short film, children’s television, advertising, soundtrack albums, and feature films. 
At a time when we are consuming filmed entertainment more than ever, these nominated works represent some of the most talked about screen moments of the past year including Stateless, Unorthodox, Operation Buffalo, The Letdown, Upright, GlitchThe Secrets She Keeps, Bluey and many others.
Composer Antony Partos leads the nominee list with four nods for his work across Best Music for a Documentary for the deeply moving Maralinga Tjarutja, and Best Original Song Composed for the Screen for Edge of Something from ABC TV political drama series Total Control with co-writers Missy Higgins and Matteo Zingales. He is nominated twice for the ABC comedy-drama series Operation Buffalo (Best Television Theme and Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie).
Melbourne screen composer and music producer Cornel Wilczek has scored three nominations for his diverse offerings. He is nominated for Best Music for a Television Series or Serial for paranormal drama, Glitch. He and co-composers Pascal Babare (who makes his Screen Music Awards debut) and Tom Rouch are named as nominees in Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie for the harrowing drama Stateless. Cornel and Pascal also share a nomination in the Best Music for a Documentary category for Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator.
Also appearing on the Screen Music nominees list for the very first time is Antonio Gambale who is recognised twice for his work on the ground-breaking Netflix sensation Unorthodox. The Paris via Canberra composer and AFTRS graduate is on a roll, receiving two Primetime Emmy nominations this year for Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or Special (Original Dramatic Score) and Original Main Title Theme Music.
Joining Antonio and Pascal as first-time Screen Music Awards nominees are Tim MinchinBrendan Tuckerman, Thandi Phoenix, Matt Ford, Jack Steele, Amy Andersen, Angie Coffey, Tyson MowarinTom Murray, Ned Beckley and Josh Hogan.
Proving again that screen composition is an artform where collaboration can be the key to success, this year’s nominees list also features a number of co-creations. Amanda Brown with Damien LaneJonathan Dreyfus with Amy Andersen, dynamic duo Sally Seltmann and Darren Seltmann, and the award winning screen composing team of Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks are just some of the composers that have joined forces to create a powerful sonic palette.
Jed Kurzel returns in the Feature Film Score of the Year category with the True History of the Kelly Gang. He is joined in this category by previous Screen Music Awards winners David Hirschfelder for Escape from Pretoria, Michael Lira for Nekrotronic and Michael Yezerski for The Vigil.
The 2020 Screen Music Awards will be staged as a virtual event, streamed online to a global audience on Tuesday 1 December via YouTube Premiere, kicking off at 7:00pm AEDT. 

2020 Screen Music Awards Nominees 

Feature Film Score of the Year
Title                           Escape from Pretoria
Composed by            David Hirschfelder
Published by              Cas Music Australia obo Copyright Administration Films
Title                            Nekrotronic
Composed by             Michael Lira
Title                            The Vigil
Composed by             Michael Yezerski
Title                            True History of the Kelly Gang
Composed by             Jed Kurzel
Published by               G Schirmer Australia obo Chester Music
Best Music for a Documentary
Title                            Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator 
Composed by             Cornel Wilczek / Pascal Babare
Published by               BMG Rights Management obo Maisie Anthems
Title                            Machine         
Composed by             Matteo Zingales 
Published by              Sonar Music
Title                            Maralinga Tjarutja
Composed by             Antony Partos
Published by              Sonar Music
Title                            Quilty: Painting the Shadows
Composed by             Damien Lane / Amanda Brown
Published by               Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP
Best Music for a Short Film
Title                            Bolzmann
Composed by             Jonathan Dreyfus / Amy Andersen
Title                            I Want To Make A Film About Women
Composed by             Caitlin Yeo
Title                            The Hammerstone
Composed by             Jackson Milas
Title                            The Sand That Ate the Sea
Composed by              Luke Howard
Published by               Secretly Canadian Publishing 
Best Soundtrack Album
Title                            Hearts and Bones
Composed by             Rafael May
Published by               Cooking Vinyl Publishing
Title                            Judy & Punch
Composed by             François Tétaz
Published by               Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Title                            Lambs of God
Composed by             Bryony Marks
Published by               Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP
Title                            The Letdown
Composed by             Sally Seltmann*/Darren Seltmann
Published by               Sony/ATV Music Publishing*
Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Title                            Ballad of the Bridge-Builders from The Skin of Others
Composed by             David Bridie*/Tom Murray
Published by               Mushroom Music*

Title                             Bear’s Theme from Bear: Koala Hero
Composed by              Adam Gock/Brontë Horder/Mitch Stewart/Dinesh Wicks
Title                            Carry You from Upright
Composed by             Tim Minchin
Published by               Kobalt Music Publishing obo Navel Enterprises
Title                            Edge of Something from Total Control
Composed by             Missy Higgins*/Antony Partos/Matteo Zingales
Published by               Mushroom Music* / Sonar Music
Best Music for Children’s Television
Title                            Alice Miranda: Friends Forever 
Composed by             Ryan Grogan
Title                            Bluey: Flatpack
Composed by             Joff Bush
Published by               Universal Music Publishing obo BBC Worldwide Limited
Title                            Thalu: Shadow Boxer
Composed by             Ned Beckley/Josh Hogan
Title                            The Strange Chores: Train Snorp
Composed by             Joff Bush                     
Published by               Ludo Studio Pty Ltd
Best Television Theme
Title                            Thalu (Ngarndu Ngurra)
Composed by             Ned Beckley/Josh Hogan/Tyson Mowarin
 Title                           Operation Buffalo 
Composed by             Antony Partos
Published by               Sonar Music 
Title                            The Commons
Composed by             Roger Mason
Title                            Unorthodox
Composed by             Antonio Gambale 
Published by               BMG Rights Management obo Maisie Anthems 
Best Music for a Television Series or Serial
Title                            Everything’s Gonna Be Ok: Seven-Spotted Ladybug
Composed by             Bryony Marks
Published by               Native Tongue Music Publishing obo Avalon Management Group
Title                            Glitch: Perfectly Safe
Composed by             Cornel Wilczek
Title                            The Secrets She Keeps
Composed by             Amanda Brown
Published by               Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP
Title                            You Can’t Ask That: Killed Someone
Composed by             Andrew Sampford
Published by               Universal Music Publishing obo ABC Music Publishing
Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie
Title                            Operation Buffalo 
Composed by             Antony Partos
Published by               Sonar Music
Title                            Stateless 
Composed by             Cornel Wilczek / Tom Rouch* / Pascal Babare
Published by               Native Tongue Music Publishing*
Title                            The Commons
Composed by             Roger Mason
Title                            Unorthodox
Composed by             Antonio Gambale 
Published by               BMG Rights Management obo Maisie Anthems 
Best Music for an Advertisement
Title                            Georgetown Optician: Eyes Say More Than Words
Composed by             Scott Langley
Published by               Squeak E. Clean Studios
Title                            Klarna: Get What I Love
Composed by             Brendan Tuckerman* / Thandi Phoenix~/ Matt Ford / Jack Steele / Thomas Cardy
Published by              Sony/ATV Music Publishing*/Universal Music Publishing
                                   obo Peppermintblue  Publishing~
Title                            Nippon Steel: Stuck On You
Composed by             Jonathan Dreyfus / Amy Andersen
Title                            Women With Agency: Women Run
Composed by             Angie Coffey
Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia

Composers:                Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks 
Composer:                 Anthony El-Ammar
Composer:                 Jay Stewart
Composer:                 Mitch Stewart
Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas
Composer:                 Jed Kurzel
Composer:                 Michael Yezerski
Composer:                 Neil Sutherland
Composer:                 Nerida Tyson-Chew  

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