APRA AMCOS Ambassador Justine Eltakchi's accessibility tips

Tuesday, 08 Sep 2020

As a follow up to our recent Accessibility is Everyone's Responsibility article, APRA AMCOS Ambassador and songwriter-performer Justine Eltakchi shares her tips for supporting artists with disability. 

Justine has played over 700 gigs in the past five years - from weddings, to clubs and pubs and open mic nights - and having low vision can add extra stress to setting up and playing.

But as we consider a return to live music in a COVID-restricted and post-COVID landscape, how can we support artists with disability and create a more inclusive performance experience for everyone? Justine shares her simple, cost-effective and helpful tips.

"Ask if someone needs help. Offer help. It's so simple, but it's going to make such a world of difference."

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